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The B2T Show

Trump Class Action vs. Big Tech. Enjoy the Show. Show Jul 7, 2021 (IS)

B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Trump sues Big Tech and the CEOs from the Big 3. And it’s a class action you can join!

We dig into Trump’s attack plan on Google, Twitter and Facebook.

We discover the list of things that have gone bad for the Deep State, including the law suit, the PA senate asking for a forensic audit, a survey showing most people do not believe Joe is running the country and more.

Rick reviews other current events and decodes showing we are watching a moving and just need to “Enjoy the Show!”

We end looking at the truth of the Trinity and reviewing several Bible Memory verses that show Jesus is the Word, was with God in the beginning and Jesus is God.

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