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Trudeau to be Removed! PayPal Goes Full Orwell. B2T Show Oct 10, 2022

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Trudeau has been playing both sides of the fence and not being a yes man for the Cabal so they are cutting him off.

This prophetic word says Trudeau will step down but not because he wants to.  This will be a great day for Canada as the Lord deals with the other infiltrators.

PayPal has been woke, but showed their true colors when saying they would take $2,500 out of your account for each incident of misinformation, hate and other vague rules that would allow it to kill free speech.

Their stock crashed 5% as many see they are an evil company controlled by Globalist trying to force their false narratives on the masses.

Leave PayPal as soon as possible!  Make them pay for their Orwellian ways.

Rick reviews news and reads Julie Green’s latest prophetic word.

We review another prophetic word warning of the Cabal’s plans to take down the North East power grid and blame Russia.

They selected the North East due to population density so they could kill/damage as many people as possible.

Rick then show many 3D videos on what it was like to live in the days after the Exodus.

We review 3D videos on Moses Tabernacle, the Alter of Sacrifice, the Bronze Laver, the Showbread table, the Alter of Incense, the Golden Menorah and more!

Rick also shows pictures of the community where the Lord’s presence was there as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night likely going into the Holy of Holies!

Kent then comes on to praise the Lord as we usher in his presence! We then go backstage for more worship and prayer where we pray for Backstagers and against the Cabal! You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage




Prophetic word

Oct 10, 2022 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by Rick – MORE QUESTIONS ARE BEING ASKED YOUR ENEMIES’ CAN’T ANSWER

*** For the Lord this day am telling my children that all is well and no matter what things are like right now and no matter what will happen next all as well. Do not fear and do not be anxious or be afraid of what things may appear like. I have told you before, my children, things are not how they appear to be. Many things are happening, many things are moving in the right direction. Your marching orders are not to believe your five physical senses, but to walk by faith. My children arise in my glory and in my strength, no more of this world, you are in it, but you are to live totally different. Do not think how the world thinks. Do not act the way the world acts. Now is time for the world to take notice who the children of all mighty God are. It’s time now to be different, so press into me. Press through all the discouragement, all the tests, all the trials and the things that are frustrating you. Push back against all the things your enemies are using against you. Remember who I am, I am that I am and I am on the inside of you. No longer fear your enemies and what they are doing or what they can do. No, stop that and focus on my word. Focus on my love. Focus on what Jesus has already done. Magnify Jesus and the destruction he caused your enemy. Satan is a forever a defeated foe, and all the world leaders and all those people your adversary is using, they are defeated too. So do not think they can stop My Glory. Do not think they will ever win. Do not think things are going to stay the way they are. I told you, great changes you shall see and that time has come. So watch my hand move across this land and destroy your enemy’s plans and save the nations. Lord you keep saying that and our enemies are still in control. Ask yourselves, are they really in control or does it just look that way? Do not be deceived by appearances. This movie that has been played out in front of you is about to come to an abrupt end. Remember my children, all it takes is one day, and one day is all I need. So stay focused on me and stay in my word and get to know me more. And I promise you, I will not disappoint you. I will not fail you sayeth the Lord your Redeemer ##

*** Cowardly. This word will be in your news to describe this fraudulent government when they are faced with the truth, and they can’t handle it, and they cannot answer those questions they are asked, even simple ones, because they will no longer be able to tell their lies and people will just believe them. No, the times have changed and more questions will be asked that your enemies can’t answer. Watch them squirm to get out of those questions. It is time of the great fall in fall. ##

Hogwash. This word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Hazmat, I say this word again will be in your news. Many things hidden are now being revealed.

*** Catastrophic. I have said this word before. I have said this word many times before and I’m saying it again. Many things will become catastrophic. The weather has caused much damage around the world and it will continue to intensify. But this catastrophic damage will soon be seen of your enemy’s plans failing in front of the world. Catastrophic damage has been done that they cannot contain themselves. They’re running into problems everywhere. They can no longer trust each other and that is becoming more visible. They can no longer hide their distrust from each other. More and more you will see this fraudulent government turn on one another. Biden and Harris will be at odds and it’ll be seen and become very obvious. They can no longer hide Kamala’s hatred toward “the Biden” as she knows he’s an imposter that took her position. Things are about to ramp up and tempers will begin to flare and many mistakes will be made on live tv, which they no longer care to hide. Listen to Kamala, she’s about to have a major slip up of the tongue or a gaff, you would say. Listen to what she accidentally reveals not meaning to. She will try to cover it up and so will the news media, but they can’t because the people have heard it and more and more will stand up against the constant lies of the media and this fake government. A righteous rebellion is growing and growing and intensifying and my glory is raining down on you more and more, which your enemies cannot stop. My children. You are in the time of the fraudulent government being removed and the righteous ones returning. Yes, there is more than one. Watch Israel and watch the United States. My children, big changes are coming and are coming sooner than you think sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** Major catastrophe will be seen in Canada. Trudeau is coming down and he is being removed. He will say he’s stepping down, but it’s not because he wants to. Truth is coming out regarding Trudeau. He tried to play both sides. He tried to have everything he wanted that the Deep State didn’t want him to. His pride and arrogance grew and grew until he became unmanageable. He wasn’t the yes man they wanted him to be, so now he is being cut off, you would say. So Canada, proclaim your deliverance. We see that my hand is moving in your land to save you from those task masters. I am here and I am cleansing your land. You’ll see Trudeau exposed and you’ll see him fall big time sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

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