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Trey Smith LIVE! McCarthy’s 6 Failures. B2T Show Jan 4, 2022

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Trey Smith of “God in a Nutshell” comes on the B2T Show LIVE for the first time.

First Rick updates us on the Speaker of the House drama where McCarthy strikes out for the 6th time and on other news around athletes collapsing, and the economy.

Then Rick moves to read and commentate on the latest Amanda Grace prophetic word.

The word is a clear and present warning to the church and believers that it is time to decide… live for yourselves or the Lord.

The Lord will elevate the humble and those that serve Him, but he is about to judge those who are putting their names, or church names or ministry names above His name.

Trey gives us details around how he woke up to the evil of the deep state.

He had dear friends that were fighting against abortion and Trey saw the judges and court systems treat his friends massively unfair.  They lost most of their wealth fighting the Government as they simply tried to support the Pro-Life movement.

Trey held on to a prophesy given to him at a young age about how God would use him. We get to hear that story.

Trey also gets deep into his latest video that will be released on Rumble in the next few weeks.

We get to hear his view on where we are in this epic battle and how Kim Clement’s prophesies are starting to be fulfilled.

We go backstage with Trey and spend another 45 minutes in Q&A and prayer.  We get to hear about Trey’s relationship with Donne’ Clement, more about his upcoming videos and travel and even get to hear him pray for us!

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