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The Great Wealth Transfer! The Moderna Bailout? PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Mar 16, 2023

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As the banking and financial crisis becomes very apparent, the Lord continues to talk to the prophets about gold and silver being His.

He tells us clearly that there will be a wealth transfer, but only to his Remnant that open their hearts to him and will be for Him and not greedy.

“This world does not belong to the ones that have stolen it. The world’s wealth is not theirs. It’s mine. In my written word, it states that the gold and the silver is mine and I am turning it over to my children where it has always belonged.”

“Where is your heart? Is it for me or greed? That’s the difference. Why would I want the world’s wealth in the hands of the people who are murdering countless people worldwide and enslaving them? … Many of my children will not receive these words and they will not partake in this transfer that is about to take place.”

Rick starts by discussing news around the Biden Crime family wire transfers from China, Drag Queen story hours being pushed by politicians, and the Biden Administration bailing out Moderna.

Biden is trying to get the taxpayers to cover the cost of any litigation put on Moderna for steeling patents.

Meanwhile, Fauci is claims the GOP is attacking him due to his honesty.  What a joke!

This is why Rick worked with his brother to create alternatives to Big Pharma with QEStrong for pain, weight loss and allergies.  Use coupon code: B2TAllergy for 35% off.

Rick reads and commentates on the Julie Green prophetic word that also talks about Biblical Hailstones falling (likely on DC) and explosive voter fraud information coming out of Italy!

Baby Trump comes on to discuss his Reckoningfest event on March 26 in Frisco TX with Juan O’Savin and many other Patriot speakers.

Rick then reviews more news around DeSantis and other Governer’s fight against ESG, and the Democrats having “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day”!

Rick also announces the “Open the Heavens” event near Mt. Rushmore on June 2-3.  Rick will be speaking along with SG Anon, Juan O’Savin and others!

Join Rick in South Decoda.  Details here:

Then Rick teaches on King Manasseh who in one generation turned a God fearing Judah, under his father Hezekiah, into a nation that was more evil than those God drove out for Israel.

God is calling his Remnant to join Him in the spiritual battle of this same evil from the Days of Noah in our time.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer where we debut a new music video on “Everlasting God” and hear praise reports and prayer warriors praying for the audience between praise songs.

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