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The B2T Show

The Great Purge! Where to Find B2T. B2T Show Oct 15, 2020. (IS)

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

B2T and many Qanon channels get permanently removed! Learn what Rickā€™s plans are now.

Rick has been expecting this since December of 2019, but now they are after all channels. In this episode we discuss the Purge and review new Q drops about more DECLAS.

We explorer the effect Big Tech is having vs. spurring on the Great Awakening with the Streisand Effect.

Lastly, we look into how Paul felt about those preaching other Gospels. Should they be cursed by God?

Without you, collectively, there would have been no way to bypass their control.

Would you like to send anything else on over during the House Intel Committee hearing?

NAT SEC concerns re: blackmail [gain control] of J. Biden by Russia, China and/or other foreign [or domestic] entities?



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Rick consults a list of the Top 60 Red-Pilled Christian Patriots as part of doing the B2T Show Research.

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Rick appreciates you and encourages you to Share Truth with Impact.

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Bible Memory Verse

Galatians 1:8

ButĀ evenĀ ifĀ weĀ orĀ anĀ angelĀ fromĀ heavenĀ shouldĀ preachĀ aĀ gospelotherĀ thanĀ theĀ oneĀ weĀ preachedĀ toĀ you,Ā letĀ themĀ beĀ underĀ Godā€™scurse!

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