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Symbolism will be their downfall! SB2 Decode & New Q Posts – B2T Show Mar 5

Show Notes:

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SerialBrain2 Decode: Bye Crooked Hillary and [-21]. The last pieces of the puzzle.


Former AG Lynch ‘appeared to have amnesia’ During December Testimony About Carter Page FISA

March 5th Q Discussion

Everyone should be on Dissenter — it’s driving the MSM crazy!

8ch Anon lays out good reasons to NOT TRUST the new “Q book”

Agenda 21. If you’re not familiar with it, then read up, its the NWOs attempt to wrestle away sovereignty from the world’s citizens via sustainability.

Wikipedia is part of the deep state machine



6-1 Defeated Enemy January, 28, 2016 Mark Taylor   

The Spirit of God says, “There is an army arising from the dust and ashes from many battles and enemy clashes. This army that’s arising is coming in my glory and light, and the battle that’s about to unfold shall put the enemy to flight. For my army is about to hit the beaches and shores of every country and nation afar, and they shall drive back the army of darkness at the sound of my shofar! For my army will be young and old and will save over 1 billion souls.”

The Spirit of God says, “There is nothing that the enemy can do to stop this that I the Lord God have started, for it is now time for the army of darkness to be departed. For the souls of this nation and all over the world are crying out to me. My Army! Bring them in, and I will save, deliver, and comfort thee. Arise! Army of God! Arise! Your work is not complete, for the kingdom of darkness is in for its biggest surprise, complete and utter defeat! Arise! My Army! Get in the fight, I say with great emphasis! Over take, terminate, and destroy the Army of darkness with Extreme Prejudice!”

Your Supreme Commander GOD!

Bible Study

John 10:10 – The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have comethat they may have life, and have it to the full.



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