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Evidence on Fallacy of Darwinism – Memory Acrostic

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    Evolution Memory Acrostic – FISH

    Fossil evidence

    • There is no evidence for how complex structures like a wing or an eye developed in small gradual changes. These structures are disadvantages not advantages unless they are nearly 100% fully formed. We have no fossil evidence showing a ¼ wing, ½ wing, etc.
    • All higher categories of living things (fishes, reptiles, primates, etc.) all appear abruptly and have no transitional forms (part fins, part feet, etc.)

    Intelligent Design

    • If you find a spear, do you conclude it made by chance or by an intelligent being? How about a watch?
    • Can natural selection and mutations (mistakes in copying genetic code) account for evolution? Can mistakes in copying the DOS computer operating system eventually become Windows 1.0 and eventually Windows 2000?
    • One mathematician noted that the chance of macro-evolution being true was similar to the chance of a tornado hitting a junk yard and creating a 747.

    Second Law of Thermodynamics

    • This law in universally accepted and states that, when left to themselves, all things tend to go from organized to disorganized, from complex to simple (deterioration, etc.). Macro-evolution requires the opposite, the continually building up from the simplest to the more complex forms.

    Can we believe that our great, great, great, … grandfather (if we go far back far enough) was a fish?

    History of “missing links” There have been many misconceptions and even fraud:

    • Neanderthal man – was considered a missing link for some time and now is considered as human as you and I.
    • Nebraska man – was a tooth claimed to be the missing link between apes and humans and was used as evidence for macro-evolution in the famous Scopes trial. It ended up being a pig’s tooth and shows the strong preconceived ideas of many scientists trying to find evidence.
    • Piltdown Man – a piece of a jaw and two molar teach and a piece of a scull was claimed to be the missing link for over 40 years (1912 to 1953) as macro-evolution increased in popularity. In 1953 it was exposed as a fraud with a jawbone of a modern ape, teeth filed down, and bones artificially colored to deceive the public .


    CONCLUSION: To remember the evidence of the fallacy of Darwinism, just remember FISHFossil Evidence, Intelligent Design, Second Law of Thermodynamics and the History of Missing Links

    Key Source: “Have You Been Brainwashed?” by the Institute for Creation Research. Order these at 1-800-628-7640.

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    1. Never believed in Darwinism. No matter what I heard, I was so blessed to k ow inside my heart that my loving God did all this out of love, just for each and every one of us. I bet I am a bunch happier than any Darwinist!

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