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Soros Dead? Anon Theory on Soros & Military Tribunals – B2T Show Jan 14

Show Notes:

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NYT Reveals FBI retaliated Against Trump for Comey Firing 

The Brazen Plot Against Trump by the Obama FBI and DOJ Continues Enabled by a Complicit Media

How f***ing difficult is it to get ONE reporter to publicly ask POTUS about Q Anon?

What Grounds Can FBI Investigate President Counterintelligence Threat 

Millenials will be in debt for life. You have to give a hand to the DS, they’ve succeeded in creating a slave class that will vote for them and keep them as overlords, absolutely astounding.

WHAT?! US State Department Giving Thousands of Dollars to LGBT Film Festival In Mumbai

Q is right. The Military is on our side. On the ICE Agents notes, the one who committed suicide, he mentions the Military is the biggest threat to the Deep State.

Wow. A year before QAnon, new user IamQ made three interesting v/pizzagate submissions right after we were booted from Reddit. Look what he dropped!

I was just watching Tucker and it hit me. Why the sudden Russia narrative again? FISA Declas coming?

Doctor shares experience working with aborted fetuses and being “woke up”. Very moving!

Farmers Not Biggest Winners in Planned trump Rollback of Clean Water Acts 





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