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Senate to Turn Red! Before Election? PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Mar 9, 2023

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Is the US Senate going to turn Red before the 2024 election?

That’s what a recent prophetic word from Julie Green seems to indicate!

“Watch the Senate, my children. I told you before, there’ll be a shift of power, the likes that no one has ever seen before in this nation. It will not stay blue. It’ll not take an election to change the power.”

Rick reviews recent news on a Florida election official, a registered Democrat, becoming a whistleblower and exposing the massive problems with the 2020 election.

Also, a potential unfolding prophesy about a Senator being hospitalized as Mitch McConnel goes to the hospital.

Rick also announces that Dereck Johnson will be on the show next week as well as Amanda Grace!

Another big reveal from Julie’s prophetic word includes news on the fake Biden:

“Liar! People will shout. It’ll be proven over and over again. They will call him, ” Liar in Chief.” Yes, that is the Biden. The more he tries to lie, the more he will be exposed, and truth will come out on who he really is, and all that he has been hiding.”

Quantum Rob comes on and discusses Twitter files #18 that demonstrates even more massive censorship with the FBI, DHS and other Government agencies with Twitter and other Big Tech companies.

Rob also reviews the whistleblower on Fauci and Gain of Function research.

He also has a surprise announcement of a 35% discount on Allergy Relief patches only for B2T listeners at using coupon code: B2TALLERGY

Rick then reviews more recent news on the America Last Administration spending and new higher taxes.

Then Rick teaches on King Hezekia and how the Lord saved Judah from the Assyrian Army without even a bow being shot at Jerusalem!

Rick shows how this entire event applies to the Globalist Cabal and Donald Trump.

We then move to a wonderful 90 minutes of PraiseNPrayer where we debut new music videos of some of our favorite praise music.

We hear about some amazing Praise Reports, including one from Gus!

We end with powerful prayers for individuals and for the children, soldiers and praying down the Cabal before blowing the sofars.

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