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Schwab and Nadler to Die? Putin on Satanic Western Leaders. B2T Show Sep 29, 2022

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Klaus Schwab and Jerry Nadler will be visited by the Angel of Death according to a new prophetic word by Julie Green.

Klaus Schwag, leader of the World Economic Forum, continues to try to move the world to a “Great Reset” to eliminate private property and take our God-Given rights away.

Jerry Nadler is a Globalist that will be outed for his crimes and go down as a traitor.

Putin throws out truth bombs about the false narratives of Western Media and even about Satanic Nazi’s that run Europe.

Rick also reviews many fulfilled prophesies by Julie Green that clearly show she is a true prophet and everything is accelerating.

Massive amount of her prophesies are being fulfilled or partially fulfilled every day since Rosh Hashanah.

Rick discusses some of his latest learnings on Exodus Chapter 37-39 as well as some awesome doodling of these chapters!

Then Kent Henry comes on and we sing “Better is 1 Day in your courts” and worship the Lord for several songs.

Then we go backstage and hearing amazing praise reports and powerful intercessory prayers! You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage