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Scandal of Today Show Lies. Trump Subpoena Withdrawn. B2T Show Dec 29, 2022

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The Today Show is about to be exposed in a scandal showing their deceit and lies according to a recent prophetic word from Julie Green.

Rick starts by discussing the Unselect Committee with drawing the subpoena on Trump and how Trump reacted to this and other events on Truth Social.

This does not change the fact that the Deep State Justice Department could still act at any time on Trump as discussed last night with Juan O’Savin.

Trump is being aggressive about calling the 2020 election rigged and corrupt which likely means he knows there’s more massive exposure coming.

The prophetic word Julie received clearly tells us to keep fighting and use our authority.  Things will get really dark, but if we stay focused on Him we will not be moved and we can call down all parts of this cabal!

After reviewing more news around the America Last administration and the false narratives around “science” we move to review a key story in the Bible around Jericho.

Rick shows that in fact the “trumpets” that were blown were actually rams horns and not the silver trumpets that were used when the Lord brought the walls down.

However, Rick shows scripture where actual long silver trumpets were used by Israel priests for key events and discusses when actual silver trumpets were used vs. rams horns.

Rick also shows pictures depicting the Fall of Jericho and how some still showed a combination of silver trumpets and rams horns, but the translations almost all say “trumpets of rams horns” in several passages.

The Lord loves for us to blow our shofars (rams horns) as we call on him.  Rick gives example prayers using the authority of Christ and calling down the Lion of Judah for justice and Angels of all rankings and divisons.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer where we worship the Lord with Lyrics from awesome praise music, hear heartfelt Praise Reports, and lift up key prayer requests from the audience.

At the end we pray and blow our shofars!

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