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Romney Shows True Colors; Cabal Colors – SB2 Decode – B2T Show Jan 2

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SerialBrain2 Post!  Trump’s Happy New Year Tweet Decoded. This is as real as it gets.

Romney Slams Trump

Tweet about Romney 

Romney is no friend. He deserves to be flushed away with all the rest of the DS scum when the arrests are conducted.

Bongino on Romney 

Romeny’s Great Grandfather a Polygamist 

LA Times: Romney’s a drug-money launderer

Rand Paul: Romney’s Anti-Trump Op Ed was a Big Mistake

Ann Romney Conspiracy with Father 

When Trump is finished, life in the United States of America is going to be much much more difficult…

If You Look At Trumps Life, As a Whole…


Brazil’s New President Plans to Improve Brazil’s Educational Ranking by Tossing “Marxist Garbage” Out Of the Curriculum

FBI Probing Theft of 1800 Documents Linked to Sep 11 Attacks

Trump burns Jeff Flake “He will probably go work for CNN now that he’s retired”

Income Tax Revenues Are Up 9% This Year — Is Trump Tax Cut Paying For Itself?

Giuliani Says Assange Should Not be Prosecuted 

Breaking: Democrats approve border wall after”shocking” photo of Mexican smuggling straws into CA. Hilarious meme!

Did Mitch just confirm a bunch of Trumps nominees?

McConnell Thumps Pelosi: The Senate Will Not Waste Its Time Considering a Democrat Bill Which the President Won’t Sign (VIDEO)

Democrats Refuse to Brief Nielsen 

Candace Owns on Freedom 

25 Minutes Before Kennedy Was Shot, A British Newspaper Received a Call Saying “Call the US Embassy. Something Terrible Is About to Happen in America” — Tucker Carlson

Maxine Waters – Voted Most Corrupt

Just Released. Gowdy Letter Reveals Why Huber Was A No-Show & That Comey Never Even Investigated HRC.








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