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Resistance Chicks LIVE! Prince Andrew Outed. B2T Show Jan 18, 2022

Show Note

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

The Resistance Chicks join the B2T show live and share their story and the history the USA and the Cabal’s infiltration.

We also learn about a new documentary on Prince Charles accusing him of raping an underaged girl 3 times while he was dating Ghislaine Maxwell.

Michelle and Leah discuss their difficult childhood with an alcoholic father, split family but a mother who showed them the love of Christ.

They discuss their love of true history vs. the Cabal’s rewritten history and discuss their upcoming event in Plymouth.

Rick shows his forum and latest thinking on key topics for Backstage subscribers including Thomas Renz’s reveal at the Reawaken America Tour and 4 Prophesies from Julie Green.  Get his regular Forum updates here if you are a backstage member:

After Rick’s Mac crashes near the end, we all go Backstage for nearly an hour of more Q&A and prayer with the Resistant Chicks.  Join Backstage and see the recording here:

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