Red Wave Confirmed! Tue Election Prophesy – B2T Show Nov 2

Show Notes:

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Minds Whitepaper

Qanon in Top 20 of Most Influential on Internet 

Blowout Jobs Growth of 250,000 

The Unexpected RETURN OF #QAnon!!! #NewQ #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

November 2nd Q Discussion

Facebook Censoring Pro Life Political Ads Again 

BREAKING: FEC Complaint FILED Against Google, Facebook, and Twitter For Election Interference

New Polls 

We need to push more Memes. Q says this is our greatest weapon.

Election Meddling: Google Algorithm Buries ‘Blexit’

Alec Baldwin Arrested Over Parking Spot Altercation 


Q’s silence has proved we are able to fend for ourselves. Where we were blind, we now can see. We’ve advanced to the next level. more.

Beto O’Rourke Senate Staff Caught Admitting to Monetarily Supporting Migrant Caravan

More Election Meddling from Globalist Central Bankers

They had to practically rip my ballot from my hands, I was so protective over it!

Have you noticed the massive amount of concern trolling by Fox News and Drudge Report in the last few days? “No chance to win for the Republicans in 35-40 races”.


Gen Flynn just changed his twitter header today! #RedTsunami!

“MAGA” is now anti-Semitic…….there is even a MAGA hat in the Holocaust Museum in Berlin ….. nope, not kidding

Caravan Migrants File Lawsuit Against Trump, U.S. Government

‘Migrant Caravan’ Stalls After Mexican Government Denies Buses

Rich White Democrat Progressive Problems 

Huge % of Washington Involved in Covering up Human Trafficking 

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