Rats in DC! Thank you, Mr. Soros – B2T Show Nov 26

Show Notes:

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“The STORM of a silent civil war is here. Protect your personal liberty. Having food storage on hand will help you to prepare.”
Special Offer for Blessed to Teach Followers – SAVE TODAY 

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Q Drop #2501 – DECLAS approved by Whitaker – When to release? Prior to testimony (Comey, Lynch)? After? Advantages? AUS, UK? Where do your loyalties lie?

Q Drop #2502 – Border Security = National Security – What if House fails? What Authority vested in sitting President?

YIPPEE!!! Q Just Told Us The Timing of the DeClass of FISA (and others)…..it will be before….

Q Drop [Koala] ——– (Operation Koala)

A Democratic Party leader was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas on a federal child porn

Is Hillary friends with anyone who doesn’t rape children on live webcams?

Hoaxed: The ‘Illegal Alien Mom with Barefoot Kids’ Photo was a Setup – Another Staged #FakeNews Production

Malia Obama and Harvey Weinstein – January 

What House Christmas 2018

British Army Chief Shows He’s a Globalist 

Anyone else a red pill dispenser when you are around people?

CHAOS: Over 50 Migrants ARRESTED After STORMING US-Mexico Border


GOP Makes Inroads with Hispanics in Florida 


16-1 Defeated Enemy January, 28, 2016 Mark Taylor   


The Spirit of God says, “There is an army arising from the dust and ashes from many battles and enemy clashes. This army that’s arising is coming in my glory and light, and the battle that’s about to unfold shall put the enemy to flight. For my army is about to hit the beaches and shores of every country and nation afar, and they shall drive back the army of darkness at the sound of my shofar! For my army will be young and old and will save over 1 billion souls.”

The Spirit of God says, “There is nothing that the enemy can do to stop this that I the Lord God have started, for it is now time for the army of darkness to be departed. For the souls of this nation and all over the world are crying out to me. My Army! Bring them in, and I will save, deliver, and comfort thee. Arise! Army of God! Arise! Your work is not complete, for the kingdom of darkness is in for its biggest surprise, complete and utter defeat! Arise! My Army! Get in the fight, I say with great emphasis! Over take, terminate, and destroy the Army of darkness with Extreme Prejudice!”

You’re Supreme Commander GOD!

Joshua 1:8

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.




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