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Raid Leads to Time of the Lion! Adam Schiff’s Fall. B2T Show Aug 23, 2022

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The Mar-a-Lago raid has created huge problems for Merrick Garland and according to Robin Bullock has triggered the vegance of the Lord!

Robin’s prophetic word says the Eagle has landed and its now the time of the Lion and he points to Isaiah 63.

Julie Green’s prophetic word says both Merrick Garland and Adam Schiff are about to take a big fall.

The Deep State did not find what they wanted which would help cover up the DC swamp crimes.

We also watch when an Eagle came over the tent in New York as Amanda, Dave, Clay and Venessa were praying for Eric Trump!

Rick then reviews other America Last news and other news about whistleblowers at Twitter and elsewhere!

Rick then teaches on the Narrow Path and compares that to the non-Biblical teachings of other religions and cults.

We then go Backstage to discuss the new Project Children Rescue group and initiative and exercise in intercessory prayer for the children. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage





Prophetic word

8.22.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – THE SHIFT OF POLITICAL POWER HAS BEGUN

For I the Lord this day and telling my children to listen carefully to my instructions. Spend more time with me. Spend more time in my word. Spend more time praising and worshiping me. These are the days that I need my children to really know who I am, to know the power in the name of Jesus, to know how much authority you have upon this earth, and there is more than you can do regarding every situation in your life. Do not bow, do not bend, do not give in, do not fear. This isa time for you to rise above all this on this earth that is trying to hold you down, to soar above your enemies and to cut off their power that has been holding you. How Lord to we cut off their power. Stop believing in their power. Stop believing and trusting in their ability to do all these things against you. Trust me to help you more than you trust in their ability to harm you. My children get out of religious traditions and know me and know who I really am and not what some man has told you or the doctrine has told you about me. Get to know me. How do you do that? It is by spending time in my written word, spending time and fellowshipping with me, being still sitting quietly before me, and I will reveal myself more and more to my children in this time. Everything is changing, the shift has begun. The shift of what Lord? The shift ofpolitical power, the shift of their system and to my system, the shift of the one world government controlling everything to my children taking back control that was already theirs, the shift of revival out of complacency and just putting up with everything going on in this world and in your own personal lives, receiving from me what I have already provided. My children, that is everything you needed before you needed it. Everything already has been given, and now it is time for you to receive it. A shift of possessions has begun. A shift of their narrative, controlling the earth to truth being released, setting the captives free. It is all coming to an explosive place, so brace for this impact. It’s coming my children. Get ready for the flood of truth I have been of that will turn this world right side up instead of it being upside down, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

Catapult, this word will be in the news.

Suspicious activity. This phrase will be in your news. Things that have been suspicious will be revealed, and this will reveal the truth sayth the Lord.

Android, this word will be in the news.

***Signs in the sky. My children look up, there will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars and in the clouds. Unusual, they will say in your news, angelic, abnormal weird, and some would even say frightening, but not for my children. I’m giving you more signs to show you that I am in control, and your enemy’s timing control of this earth is over. These signs shall show you that this time is not far off. You were in the time of the shift, shaking turnarounds and a great Exodus sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

*** A hostile situation. This phrase will be in your news. Do not fear what they are saying. They are just words. They’resetting up stages all over the world to try and deceive the world about what is really going on. Remember my children, things are not how they appear right now. What you see is all about to change. Your enemies are losing control, losing their grip. And the more this happens, the more fear it will bring them, and the more they will reveal who they really are on camera. Another fall is coming on live TV, and this will indicate their final fall. Say at the Lord of Hosts. ##

Dante’s peak. This phrase will be in your news. It’s not for what you think, but you will know it when you see it.

Catamaran, this word will be in your news. Keep your eyes on Sicily. Many things are about to come out of Italy.

The Knights of Columbus will be in your news. Truth shall be revealed what has been hidden? The Catholic church has a lot of explaining to do after a whistleblower comes forth with the truth on what has been hidden, that won’t stay hidden any longer sayeth the Lord.

A famous tunnel will be in your news.

A well-known mountain range is about to be in the news.

*** A design flaw is about to be reported in your news, but it wasn’t a flaw at all. My children, some things are done on purpose to cause havoc and cause supply issues and shortages to be able to raise prices and hit your economy so they can earn more while everyone else struggles to pay for these things. This has been going on behind the scenes, but I’m shutting this down and exposing all who have caused such things upon this earth and judgment has come and it will be seen against the ones who were against you sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

Andromeda. This word will be in the news.

*** Adam Schiff. A whistleblower is about to come out and expose who you really are, and all that you have been hiding. Adam. I have warned you and you refuse to listen. Embarrassment and shame you shall feel, and a fall you shall take it in front of the world that you will not recover from sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

Hazelnut, this’ll be in the news.

An aquarium will be in your news.

A national forest will be in your news.

Tuff Hedemen (sp??) will be in your news.

A lightning strike will be in your news for a significant reason.

Amherst. This name will also be in your news.

Another Hollywood actor will die.

Grounds for dismissal. This too will be in your news.

*** Merrick Garland, you were warned and you went too far. I gave you time to repent and you refused. Your moves against my son will be your last. You’re about to take a hit you will not recover from. Your exposure will be great and so are your fall, and the truth about Mar-a-Lago will come out and what really you and the Deep State wanted to recover from there and couldn’t. You wanted to hide the truth to stop the fall of DC and all who have been in control, but you can’t because you can’t stop me sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

*** My children, the more your enemies pursue you and try to cause more harm the greater their fall. This will not last, and what they’re planning on doing next will be their last ditch effort to stay in power. Do not fear what they are saying or doing against your rightful President. I have all, I need to clear his name and indict all of his enemies. I have always been many steps ahead, you would say, of your enemies. They had no idea all the traps that were set and they walked right into them. They’re all coming down. It will cause a great shaking that will shake the nations loose of their control. ##

*** My children, shout your deliver is here, and you’re about to see me at work, taking down this evil regime and the world control and giving back to you what is already yours. This is that time, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

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Here’s how it might have looked if today’s ‘fact checkers’ had been able to censor speech throughout U.S. history



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  1. Rick, I say many correct things. To understand God’s plan of salvation you must understand it’s the 2 Resurrection Christ proclaim in John 5 and its fulfillment is unveiled in revelations 20 1st and 2nd Resurrections and 1st and 2nd deaths. The heaven and hell scenario is not scriptural. Christ said in John 3 no man has ascended to heaven but him. Understanding the 1st and 2nd Resurrections in John 5 is key to God’s plan salvation, it is 2 periods of time. Paul points out in Romans 9:15-16 God says to Moses “I have compassion on whom I have compassion and I have mercy on whom I have mercy.” Verse 16 “Therefore, it doesn’t depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.” Christ says in John 6:44 “No man can come to me except the Father who sent me draws them and I will raise (Resurrection) them up in the last day and you must be taught by God.” There is other scriptures, but I pointed these out. It’s correct God is always, there is Christ the Lord who became the Son of God and Son of Man and there is God the Father, these are two spiritual entities that always existed.

    All Understanding Comes From God!!!!
    Merlo Theodore

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