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Putin Has It All! Trump’s Return. LIVE Amanda Grace & Donne Clement! B2T Show Sep 28, 2022

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A prophetic word shows how the Cabal is doing everything to keep information that Putin has from being released.

What does Putin have? “Everything” that will bring the fraudulent Biden Administration down.

Putin has been working with Trump on the release of this information according to this prophetic word from Julie Green.

In addition, we see that Trump will return in an unconventional way since he already won the last election and the fact his is appointed by God for this time.

Amanda Grace comes on live (Donne’ Clement has a situation come up so she could not attend)

We review the Aug 29 word from the Lord in detail including discussion on the Storm and how we as the remnant in the US are key to the storm not accomplishing what the Cabal wanted.

Amanda also covers some recent dreams, how she gets her words and recommendation on how we can face these times.

Rick prays for Amanda and then we go Backstage for Q&A where we get to hear details on Prayer Shawls and what music she worships too.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here: blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage





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Prophetic word

Sep 28, 2022 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by Rick – THINGS ARE NOT HOW THEY APPEAR TO BE IN WASHINGTON DC

*** For I the Lord this day want to remind my children once again that I am the creator of this earth and I am inside of you. These men you see before you today are just mere men with power that is from the one who has already been defeated by me. So do not fear what these men can do. I’ve been in control and only allowing them to believe they were for a time, so the world can really see who they are, and what they have done, along with what they have been hiding from the world. My church was asleep when these men were committing crimes so heinous no one should ever have endured. These crimes went unpunished, it looked like for many years, but their punishment will be spending all eternity in a place I wanted no man to go. The ones who are still alive will receive punishment on this earth and justice will be seen being served. My church, when you were asleep, your enemies took control, a control they never should have had. They were put in high positions of power they did not belong in. This is why a great change had to take place. So my church takes back, which should have been yours all along. Get up my children and stand with me. Take back your authority I have already given you, and take back this world which is also yours. Watch their kingdom, their businesses, their economies crumble before me. It doesn’t have power to withstand the power on the inside of you. So tap into this power my children, tap into my authority, it has been given to you. Believe it this day and fight back against your enemies and watch them lose sayeth the Lord your redeemer. ##

*** A set time has come a time where everything changes. Everything you know was normal, you will say now, that was not the case at all. This bondage you had been under will be released and a freedom you didn’t know existed will be your new normal. You are seeing a collision of my power against enemies. They are throwing everything against you, but it’s hitting back at them. A boomerang effect is taking place, you would say. You will see them say things and try to do things against you, and it will actually happen to them instead. A great separation has begun, so watch them fall and you will finally see who was on my side and who wasn’t. You will soon see wolves in sheep’s clothing that will be unasked, snakes that will be exposed no matter how hard they try to slither away. Nothing is staying the way it is that I the Lord do not want upon this earth. ##

A famous clock will be in your news. Watch what happens to this clock. It will signal another fall that is about to take place sayeth the Lord.

** A rat is about to be exposed in this supposed white house. It’s not at all who you thought it would be. ##

Extinction. This word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Again, I say Mount Everest will be in your news. Listen to the news reports. An explosion is about to take place.

Reality check. This phrase will be in your news

*** Watergate. This word will be be mentioned again and again. Exposure after exposure with no end in sight for this fraudulent government. #3

*** News is about to break. An explosive information will erupt in your house of representatives. I said this before, watch them cave. Watch their plans crumble. Things are not how they appear to be in Washington DC, and I’m about to pull the lid off and show what was really been inside,hiding among the thieves, the wolves, the rats, and the snakes. An uncovering has begun sayeth the Lord, ##

Sri Lanka will be back in your news again, and an unrest has begun that their government cannot contain.

Washburn. This name will be in your news again for something unusual.

Wooly mammoth. This will be in your news for something you wouldn’t expect to hear. It is unusual, it may appear.

*** A country is hiding something significant and it’s about to open Pandora’s box, you would say. This country is sitting on explosive information that will shred apart the narrative of this fraudulent government and the new stations of the United States of America. A war, they will try to start to stop this information from coming out. Your enemies will continue to pursue that nation and that country will shock you. They made a deal with the rightful president because this country has proof of Biden and Obama and all their schemes against this country of the United States and the New World Order. Yes, Russia, it is. Putin, he has it all, and that’s why they have fought him so hard because the information he has will bring this fraudulent administration down, and this information is coming and so is your rightful president. Your rightful president is coming back. He is making his way back now in unconventional ways. I do not need an election. Again, I say to bring him back. First of all, because he won the last one, and two, because I have chosen him for this time. I have anointed and appointed and he will not be stopped by any man, but don’t look to a man, look only to me, my children, and you will see me manifest my power upon this earth like no other time in history. This time is greater than the original Exodus because these words, that’s all coming to close, and a major shift of power is about to take place in my United States. ##

*** Military action is being made. More have joined forces and not just military here in my nation, but military around other nations to stand up against this tyranny and against a New World Order. It’s not their time, and I will make that plain say at the Lord of Hosts. ##

Gale Force winds will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Ecuador will be in your news. Something big is brewing there that hasn’t yet been seen.

Traitor in your midst. This phrase will be in your news. Calamity, this word will also be in your news.

Clemson tied. This will also be in your news.

*** An invasion is about to take place, and it’s not what you think. This invasion came from me to take back this earth. Watch my children. My hand is moving across the nations to restore justice, liberty, and freedom that only I could give sayeth the Lord, your redeemer. ##

Word from the Lord–August 29, 2022

All Glory Honor and praise be to The One who sits on the highest throne, Almighty God the Lord of Hosts is His name, who judges the nations and its LEADERS, WHO UPHOLDS THE CAUSE OF THE FATHERLESS, THE Holy one who rules and reigns forevermore, and to His Kingdom, there is no End.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day…Dry places in your land both in the Spirit and the natural says the Lord, the dry places in your land have triggered the process of an EARLY FALL, says the Lord of Hosts as the tress give up and LET GO of their leaves in order to preserve in the dryness. And says the Lord of Hosts, this dryness this early fall is connected to the rebellious leaders within your states and the land, for as Ahab’s rebellion caused drought to fall upon the land so the rebellion of these wicked leaders has produced nothing but dryness and stubble, lack and thorns in your land. However, says the Lord of Hosts, those dry places, there lies deep wells, wells that are set to open at the appointed time, and the wells shall open says the Lord, and a flood shall purge these wicked leaders and sweep them down river from their position, it shall cleanse and purge all the decay, and the rot and the tares, and the greed that has oppressed areas of your land for some are under heavy territorial oppression.

Watch the northeast going into FALL says the Lord of Hosts for serious sobering events with leadership, within districts, within the schools, and watch the US postal processing facilities of your land, KEY ones that have the most traffic for significant scandals and discoveries to come forth that are going to expose more the depths of the channels in your nation that have been moving, resources, that have been moving ballots, that have been moving checks, that have been moving letters with such secretive and distinct plans, and maps and blueprints that they dare not send it through what the world calls the internet.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Oregon is about to be turned over says the Lord of Hosts, the people are crying out and the chain gang of terror is about to suffer a serious fracture says the Lord of Hosts. They CHOPPED now I the Lord shall CHOP and do some clearing and thinning of their forests says the Lord and remove their covering and leave them bare and vulnerable without the protection of the corrupt leaders that have so partnered with them.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a VERY LOUD TRUMPET, shall play a different note, a different sound shall emerge as the instrument is being fine-tuned says the Lord of Hosts, for what was out of tune I am bringing into the proper tone says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the heartbeat of America just watch and watch the automotive industry to be turned over once again as 1 manufacturer completely fractures and the BENZ shall be BENT under the weight of their own making as manufacturers in droves turn openly on the leadership of your nation and will no longer hold hands with the withered hand of the government says the Lord of Hosts as major agreements are breaking under the weight of an inflating balloon that is set to POP as the pressure builds and the noise of such a tumult shall fall upon the shoulders of the cabinet as the VICE shall be muzzled and the ones on the hill shall scatter as even a piece shall fall from the building of the Whitehouse as a sign of what is to come, this shall not be a little piece says the Lord of Hosts and shall occur in a very unusual way as I the Lord thy God am set to do a great work in your nation.

During the storm the disciples thought they were sinking, they thought the boat would not make it, they thought they would perish, HOWEVER my Son Jesus Christ was IN THE BOAT, and within your nation is a growing remnant in which MY SON is in the boat during the Storm, and the storm shall not be able to take out and destroy your nation for I the Lord thy God am the one who rebukes the Storm, I am the great I am, I the Lord speak and it is and I the Lord God see the storm, the whirlwind the enemy has attempted, an F5 indeed as he attempts to gain momentum however, the eye is weak, the formings of the storm are corrupt and what gives it its power is weakening says the Lord of Hosts and I the Lord am allowing these things to take place in your nation to bring down wickedness, to expose corruptness in the house of God, to bring down America’s golden calves, the bring down the high places, to stop their flow of Blood, to rectify back past the 1960’s the wicked root that was planted in your nation, that has grown into a vine and has stretched forth its tentacles and attempted to hold on to all KEY areas in your nation, however says the Lord the root has weakened the vine has become dry and brittle, and death is creeping up that vine SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS, the life is leaving it and departing and it shall be split in two so it cannot send resources to the head anymore.

And says the Lord of Hosts a plague of flies you shall see in parts of the world, a plague of beetles you shall see, you shall see swarms come in that will cause the science world to scratch their head as the earth is groaning and crying out and these major shifts and movements take place you shall see even nature respond as I The Lord allow these things to take place.

And says the Lord of Hosts, Saudi Arabia, watch for a sudden drop at the head for blood that was shed that shall now be recompensed as others in the royal family secretly make deals with Israel to gain security, this shall be revealed and come forth at the appointed time says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Lord of Hosts, Ethiopia, oh the cries and the hunger and the oppression upon the land, I the Lord am raising up a leader out of Ethiopia who fears the Lord His God, who walk in the way of the Lord, and the corruptness and disease of the government shall begin to clear out you shall now see this is coming when Ethiopia receives more rain than it ever has in its History as a sign I the Lord thy God am purging and cleansing the area of the World where the people have been held captive and the children have suffered and I the Lord shall cause resources to SPRING FORTH from that area of the world, more resources shall be found next year than ever in its History because I the Lord am opening up the places of the deep and not only resources but the MOLES that have been hidden deep shall be forced into the light and exposed for their movements in the darkness. One in particular in the republican party who has merely been playing a role while being a MOLE in the dark shall be EXPOSED openly and publicly as documents and notes emerge showing they played an intricate role in the decay of the nation, the inflation, the bad policies, IMPOSTER says the Lord and now the Clock is minutes to midnight where they shall be a great turnover and change and both the republicans and the democrats shall indeed be left with much rubble as their puppets whom they have INSERTED, their strings are cut and they collapse says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, Call on Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things. Look to ME FIRST MY children, not man, not finances, not the government do not exalt pastors above My name says the Lord of Hosts for I AM YOUR SOURCE, I AM YOUR BANNER, I AM YOUR PROVIDER I Am the Lord God Elohim who rules and reigns on the throne. Bring your petitions before ME, MY children, put your Faith in ME not what is dust not what is fallible for I the Lord am set to do the most incredible work in the lives of My children who I have called FAITHFUL, they are about to be elevated, reassigned, a season of growing amongst the drought of the world says the Lord of Hosts, you shall grow and flourish and be an oasis in the desert.

Unusual activity in the deserts, new vegetation that should never grow shall grow as a sign says the Lord of Hosts.

A great discovery in the Sahara Desert, the deserts in your nation the dry places shall bring forth incredible discoveries as I the Lord am instructing the earth to GIVE THEM UP.

The greatest discovery that has ever occurred in Israel that will further solidify MY WORD and silence the critics is about to come forth. I am calling it forth out of the tomb says the Lord in which it has been kept hidden until the appointed time, watch for this shall be worldwide news and a celebration in Israel.

And says the Lord of Hosts Europe is set to fracture and have a civil war of sorts says the Lord as the agreement has fractured their resources are threatened, they are making the provider of the resources an idol, they are setting them up as their provider and the valves shall be shut off says the Lord of Hosts, they shall be pinched, a great scramble with resources is set to occur in winter says the Lord of Hosts, darkness shall literally fall upon parts of Europe, call unto Me inhabitants of Europe call unto Me the Lord for your answer, the EU is set to take a major blow to their structure it is fast approaching.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the ships are turning; the ships are turning they shall force their way into ports as another Boston Tea Party of sorts takes place as they attempt to clamp and shut I the Lord shall open things up wide and put a magnifying glass to it so you will truly see who is attempting to control the ports.

And says the Spirit of the Lord, I am God there is no other. I am your shield your glory and the lifter of your head, I AM MOVING AND TREES SHALL JUST UPROOT AROUND THE CAPITAL AS I EXPOSE ALL THE ROOTS THAT HAVE SO BEEN HIDDEN. Know you serve a mighty God, I will never leave you nor forsake you and I am leading you through the valley of decision so that for the Glory of God a great victory may be had thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Yeshua Hamaschiach, who sits at My right-hand amen.