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Prophecy Analysis. Project Veritas Exposes the Shot! B2T Show Sep 21, 2021 (IS)

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Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

The night Rick read this powerful prophesy, Project Veritas released its video exposing the dangers of the vaccine and the suppression of COVID treatments.

The Federal Whistleblower had an undercover camera catching doctors discussing the horrors going on with the vaccine and how the massive side effects are not being reported. Please use your digital soldier skills to get this video out to the masses.

We also see the America Last movie continue as the Lord allows the Biden Administration to show its true colors to those sleeping.

Only 3 days until the Maricopa County findings are released. I expect the Cabal in coercion with the media to come up with a major distraction to report on instead on Friday.

Rick reviews all the areas he bolded in the Kolyah Rhema prophesy and giving his analysis of each area.

We end with Psalm 91 that the prophesy says we should depend on as we stay humble and on our knees during these upcoming unprecedented events!

Rick’s updated internet!!

James O’Keefe strikes again… Federal Vaccine Whistleblower speaks out…

James O’Keefe strikes again… Federal Vaccine Whistleblower speaks out…

Florida ICU nurse Stephanie Oprandi should be fired…

Rand Paul — ‘Biden is limiting antibody treatment on purpose’…

Dr. Christina Parks Testimony | Pfizer Vaccine is useless against Delta Variant…

MTG accuses Biden of treason on House floor…

Pennsylvania gets one step closer to full Forensic Audit…

Jen Psaki tells a whopper…

Watch Live — School shooting in Newport News, Virginia… Developing

Watch Live — Canada Election Results… Trudeau wins with exact same total as two years ago…

Pelosi (aggressively) heckled by UK Patriots… Bloody Awesome…





September 14, 2021

NOTE: Do not share this material with those who are not of like mind; especially those who are hostile to our faith and values. There are individuals and organizations, who would like to keep this voice from speaking and from being heard. Please use Divine discernment. Thank you so much!


We are approximately 24 hours before the beginning of the most holy day on the Jewish calendar … Yom Kippur. At sundown tomorrow evening (Wednesday), Jews all around the world will begin a 24 hour fast and prayer time. In Israeli cities, all traffic stops. All businesses are closed. The cities are largely silent for the first part of the day. Later in the afternoon, after the congregational services for the observant end, the streets will be filled with people walking, and with children riding toys or playing. It’s surreal to see the main roads that are usually crammed with cars, serving as a major walkway or as a playground. Everything will remain shut down until an hour after sunset, when restaurants will open, buses will begin to run, and people will begin to share a fast-breaking meal in their homes and neighborhoods. It is such a special time to be in the Land. Writing about it, seriously makes me homesick for Israel. Some of my most precious moments with the Lord, occurred in the silent presence of YHVH that hovers over this holy day. I confess that very often my prayer (since this Covid scenario was thrust upon the world), has been for free travel to again be allowed into Israel; without the oppression of vax status, masks, or social distance. It breaks my heart to think that I will not be able to return to see my family and friends … and to walk those treasured streets again. As a Jewess, I should be there now, but Father knows best. Right now, being in Israel is not a particularly nice thing, When the Prime Minister speaks of un-vaxed people as enemies of the State, and as the 4th untested, unproven, Covid jab is being released into the bodies of millions of Israelis, we know that Israel has fallen into a very sad condition that only the Lord can fix. I pray that the prayers for Yom Kippur this year will be answered with a great revelation of the truth across the Land, so that Israel might again be a free and democratic nation … so that it might become a Godly nation … a Godly light across the globe. The longer Israel continues on the present course, the more dim her light appears to become.

The last two sentences, that I typed in the paragraph above, contain the prayer I have been offering to the Lord for many weeks; followed by an observation made, according to what has been taking place. When the Minister of Health is caught on a live mic speaking to the Minister of the Interior, sharing how meaningless the Covid Green passes really are … beyond being useful to put pressure upon the unvaxed, so that they become vaxed … we know how high up this political agenda/conspiracy to “reset the globe” into the One World Order, really is. It’s both sad and terrifying at its face, unless you personally know YHVH, and trust that He is accomplishing something very important in all this.

And now, that last statement is what I want to address with you in the remainder of this writing. While I was in prayer a couple of days ago, the Lord began speaking, and prompted me to write what I was being told. As a result, I was entrusted with a very strong rhema prophetic word, which brought clarity and hope, as well as instruction and sober warning. He has given me permission to release that word to you now; right before Yom Kippur, so that you can take it into your prayer and quiet time during the holiday. Very clearly, His message contains the call to trust Him, while some very hard things begin to happen. Those hard things have purpose and divine intention that will bring His reset upon the world. We will need to draw very close to the Lord, and to draw strength and peace from Him. At the same time, we will be blessed with unprecedented intervention, by His Divine hand, that will change everything. So, rather than say anything more about that prophetic message, I will copy it below. As always, test the word against the Holy Spirit and against the scriptures to prove agreement and authenticity. As, with each rhema word that I am told to release, you have my permission, in advance, to share it with whomever the Lord directs you to share. Pray and meditate over this prophetic message to see what the Lord would say to you through it. He will show each of us how to pray, how to prepare, and how to respond to His message. Tomorrow, be watching for a copy of the Jewish Al Chet prayer to come to your inbox for you to pray, if you wish on Yom Kippur. The more time we invest with the Lord, the stronger we will become, and the more revelation we will receive. In these coming days, we will need added strength and greater revelation to keep us standing on the Rock and living in truth. Be blessed in your prayer time, and be blessed in your fasting, should you choose (or be called) to do that.

Much love in Yeshua,


Rhema word … 9.13.21 … entrusted to Kolyah … released just prior to Yom Kippur


“Littles one, are you ready for My hard reset of your world? It is best that you prepare now, for in an instant, of My choosing, the brakes on this runaway world will suddenly be applied down to the floor to the foundations; bringing this global wickedness to an abrupt halt. When that happens, there will be a hard tossing about, with slamming, banging, and pain for those, who are not braced, awake, and aware.


Do you remember the report of the loud shrieks of horror and mourning that arose in Egypt’s night, at the death of their firstborn? Truly, I say to you, it shall happen again on a worldwide scale, as I bring forth the disclosure of the truth that will shatter hearts, minds, idols, and stronghold by the power of truth that will not be held back, modified, or contained behind closed doors. The cries of anguish and despair will finally bring the level of breaking necessary for the people to realize, how wickedly they have been deceived, and how eagerly they have ingested the poisons promoted by the deceivers. They will think that ALL IS LOST, as they see the price that they have paid for their blindness, stubbornness, pride, and fear. As no household was untouched by the grief arising throughout Egypt at the time of the first Passover, so shall it soon be in your day. Only the households that heeded my warning and those, who obeyed My voice, will be spared the depths of the pain. The righteous will mourn and grieve for those around them. They will weep for those across the world, who will be writhing in unspeakable agony of soul in the realization of the pit into which they have fallen. I will allow the righteous to feel the pain of seeing the losses among those, whom they love, but I will not allow them to go into the deepest depths of soul pain; only into the depths of intercession that will lessen the pain in others. My compassion will undertake.


Have I not said that those, who did not LOVE the truth would fall into deception? Too few believed My word regarding that matter. As I am the first Truth, whom they are to love, those, who have had a shallow, fickle, affection for Me will find out the grave consequences of being casual about truth and without true love … and the results of accepting, as fact, only those things that fit into their own grid … into their prideful grid of comfort and human knowledge. They will feel horrifically betrayed, and well they should. Their own souls have betrayed them, because their love of My truth, and of My reality, was only partial. In the pain of their consequences, they will have the opportunity to exchange an appreciation of truth for a committed LOVE of the truth. Not only am I Truth, and Love, but I am also Justice and Commitment. Human justice, and convenient human commitment will be humiliated through what is to be revealed soon. The deep falsehoods in the human premises will be shattered as My truth comes down like a hammer. Truth will not come down as a soft rain, for rain requires years to erode rock and to move mountains from their place. There is no time for that now. A rock smasher and a mountain crusher are needed to awaken the sleepers, and to expose the truth before all is lost.


The Enemy has been working his plans with wicked brilliance. I have allowed it to unfold in order to entrap him, and all those who are in league with him. The lies, which have provided the glue to secure their wicked plans and mandates of unholy power, are about to be changed into a slime. That slime will be powerless to hold their deceptions together. The road, which has been cemented into place through their deceit, will begin to sink and separate. Where then, will they walk in their prideful power? Who will join them on that slimy road, once the truth is exposed? All this will come … but first the howls and the tears must come to soften the hardened hearts, and to bring them to the melting point in the laser light of hot Truth.

My way is righteous and wise. You must trust Me. The fear of Me has been replaced with the fear of man. The awe of Me has been replaced with the awe of inventions and technology. The awareness of human vulnerability has been replaced with an awe of intellectual prowess and confidence. All of these strongholds of wicked false worship, and of arrogant disregard of Me … all the strategies designed to supplant and to replace Me … will be brought down into dust.


It is good to be down on your knees in this hour, as the final round of increased shaking takes place. On your knees, you will be properly positioned before Me. Those on their knees will not be knocked down as the world rocks. Their personal kingdoms will not fall down upon their heads. The posture of submitted humility will be the place of safety for those, who seek Me, and who abide in Me. But be advised: what is about to take place will greatly disquiet your souls. Do not allow the pain you see manifesting in the multitudes, nor the shrieks of those you love, cause you to mistrust or to despise Me. Trust Me that the process I bring forth will set My Great Harvest into place. Go to your knees soon, and remain in a spiritual posture of humility before Me as these days unfold. The Enemy of your souls will put up an even greater fight to retain power, and to seize even more. I have already declared the boundary set against this advance and have put that boundary into place. It will not be moved by him, nor by any of his associates. It will stand firm, for I have decree it.


Get out of the way, of what I am about to allow and do. Move into a place of safety as I direct you. Do not fear and do not depend upon your own survival strategies. Simply abide in Me and be well. I will not allow more than you can handle. Have I not entrusted the words of truth in Psalm 91 to be a holocaust blanket, and a sure safety to surround you? Declare those words and find safety in the shelter of those promises. Know that the wailing of the masses will seek to disquiet you; to take you into fear and doubt. Don’t go there, but rather profess your faith and stay in the Spirit at all times. Lock down in Me and hold.


Gather in those, who are standing, but who are weakening. Be a support of faith for each other. Share the treasure and the provision, which I have given to you for this hour. What I provide will be more than enough. Entrust your troubled heart to Me. I will hold it securely, and will fill it with all the love and hope you will need.


Know this: I am fully in control. There is NOTHING out of My hand, plan, or notice. There will be many, who have been on the fringes of faith, who will declare that My way is NOT GOOD. They will feel the horror of the unveiling, and then cry out that I am cruel for allowing such things. I AM MORE compassionate and patient … more loving and kinder that any of you can fathom. My path is a hard one, because the rebellion is very deep and widespread; consuming a great portion of humankind. Unless there is a clearly visual manifestation, revealing where the influences of rebellion and deceit have taken your world, the changes in hearts will be only temporary and shallow. There are lessons to be learned. There are people to be reborn. There are powers of great evil embedded into every facet of human life, that must be disclosed and stripped. As a result, these painful measures are necessary. I will allow only the smallest level of suffering required to bring the vital changes. The length and depth of human suffering will be determined by the speed at which the hearts and minds submit to the purpose of the shakings. See to it, that you lovingly, clearly, tell the ignorant, and the arrogant, the truth about what is happening, and about what will yet happen. If you do not speak the truth to them, the hollow spaces, formed within their human souls because of the shaking, will be quickly filled with more lies; bringing more rebellion and more defiance against me. Cooperate with My plan to bring a Great Awakening, and see the Glory come to your world as a result.


Hold on tightly to Me. The most violent shaking is about to come. HOLD! Rest in Me, and do not withhold the truth from the terrified and perishing. The deceptions that have held them are about to crack. The trauma and terror of it will bring forth good fruit as we work together. All will be well. Trust, stand, obey, and believe. I am with you, and I am in charge. In the final analysis you will bless Me for what I am about to allow, as well as that which I am about to bring forth from My own hand. Hold, and thank Me in advance for the glory which is soon to come to your world to change everything.”

Bible Verses

Psalm 3[a]

A psalm of David. When he fled from his son Absalom.

Lord, how many are my foes!
How many rise up against me!
Many are saying of me,
“God will not deliver him.”[b]

But you, Lord, are a shield around me,
my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
I call out to the Lord,
and he answers me from his holy mountain.

I lie down and sleep;
I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.
I will not fear though tens of thousands
assail me on every side.

Arise, Lord!
Deliver me, my God!
Strike all my enemies on the jaw;
break the teeth of the wicked.

From the Lord comes deliverance.
May your blessing be on your people.


  1. Psalm 3:1 In Hebrew texts 3:1-8 is numbered 3:2-9.
  2. Psalm 3:2 The Hebrew has Selah (a word of uncertain meaning) here and at the end of verses 4 and 8.


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