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Politicians Against God will Start to Die? Ghislaine Gets 20 Years. B2T Show Jun 28, 2020

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In Julie Green’s latest prophetic word, the Lord tells us that Politicians against him will start to die.

This may seem harsh, but the Lord tells us about their hearts and their plans to destroy us!

Rick reviews the latest Q drop and discuss the Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing and disucss a meme on why Ghislaine’s customers have not been arrested.

We also review several prophesies fulfilled from Julie’s prophetic words including Roe vs. Wade and the Amtrack derailment.

Rick reviews other news, a scripture and discuss the lies coming out from the Press Secretary.

We then bring on Matt Thayer and review the Unplanned movie he directed, understand how he got connected to Trump despite not voting for him in 2016.

Rick asks about “The Trump I Know” documentary, the Reawaken Tour documentary and the timing of the next documentary releases.

Then we learn about the latest documentary on voter fraud that focuses on Laura Logan and the finding from the Mesa County Colorado servers!

Matt’s conclusion as this has been “Selections” not “elections” for over 50 years!  This includes the establishment Republicans as well as the Democrats!

Afterwards, we go backstage for Q&A and to pray for Scott.  Scott tells us his POV on if  we win in 2022 and if the machine fraud is exposed before the midterms. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage


Prophetic Words


6.27.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – THINGS ARE HEATING UP AND THINGS WILL QUICKLY CHANGE NOW

***For I the Lord this day am speaking to my children to declare my word against the evil in the world today. Your words can damage the power they have had against you. Your adversary has been holding up his people with his power, but my power on the inside of you is so much bigger than you realize. Get to know me and get to know the authority I have given to you. You don’t have to put up with their tyranny, their laws, their power, or their oppression. Speak against it and not about it. Speak to their laws that they have been holding you captive. Call them down, destroy their power and their hold over you. My children, I did not leave you in a hopeless situation. I did not leave you to put up with your adversary, his power or anyone he uses against you. Stand up against him. Lord, how do we stand up against them? Stand up with my word, stand up and use the name of Jesus. Stand up and declare victory. Stand up and declare overflow. Stand up and declare healing. Stand up and declare restoration. Stand up and declare your total freedom. Stand up and declare soundness and wholeness. Declare that you will no longer be held in the shackles Satan has had you in. Shake those shackles off with your authority in Jesus’ name and in the blood that was shed for you. Shake off the despair. Shake off hopelessness. Shake off the darkness and heaviness that holds you with praise and worship. Praise and worship me like never before and those shackles, chains, prison cells will no longer hold you. Let my joy fill your hearts and destroy Satan’s power and hold on any part of your life. I am that God that can, but I am the God that has promised you I will, and my promises are true. I am a sure thing and so are your victories, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

*** Roswell, this name will be in your news. ##

A shake up in governments across the globe. Many countries will see leaders fall to death or step down from their positions. You will also see coups take place in many nations.

*** Oh, Israel, look to see what is about to take place in your nation. I told you before, and I will say it again. A restoration politically will take place. What was stolen from you will be returned and every lie will be revealed. People’s names will be vindicated. Israel, get ready to celebrate in your nation. You will be hand in hand with the United States again. A rebirth of these nations are taking place. My children, Trump is coming back and Netanyahu as well. Your nations will bring much restoration to the nations of the world. I will use both nations to restore the world’s economies. Just watch my children, worldwide leaders are falling and failing and their economies and their systems are too, so I can bring in the one that I have for you sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

Mergers and acquisitions will be in your news. It may appear for an unusual reason, but just watch what I will do sayeth the Lord.

Meteor showers, look to see where they hit. And some damage will be caused in certain countries. This is a warning to them that things are about to abruptly change and none of the enemies of mine have gotten away with anything sayeth the Lord of hosts.

***Earthquakes in unusual places. The earth is shaking to wake up the nations. Wake up my children now, and you will not be shaken even if everything around you is. ##

***Another political shakeup in a nation people didn’t think was possible. Oh, Canada look to see what I’m about to do in your nation. Justin Trudeau will not hold you. I will unseat him myself sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

***John Kerry truth is coming for you, and you will fall from your place of power. Judgment is coming and justice will be served. Your arrogance and your pride has deceived you into thinking the truth would never find you, but you have been deceived John. Truth will also destroy every lie, and your lies are about to catch up with you and so is your lifestyle you have lived that you have tried to hide from the public, but I will show the world who you really are and justice will be served sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

Monarch, this name will be in your news.

***An American idol will be in your news. They were no idol at all. They weren’t who they have appeared to be in front of the cameras. But all things hidden will be revealed. ##

Do you hear that thunder? My children, if you don’t, you soon will. I am moving across this earth. Unusual thunder it will sound like, and the news will even report about it.

*** I am speaking my words and they were going forth and my will is being done. Just watch the chaos and destruction your enemies have caused you. The pain and the heartache. I am turning it all around in one day and your lives can completely change. I know it’s hard to believe now, but just watch to see what I’m about to do for you and how fast I will do it. It will surprise you. ##

***My children, politicians against me will start to die. You ask Lord, that sounds so harsh. My children, if you saw what I have seen and how cold their hearts have grown and how hard their hearts are and what they really wanted for you, you would realize why this had to happen. Things are heating up.Things are going to change quickly now. ##

A hot air balloon will be in your news. Look at the location and remember I told you this before it happened. My children.

***A bottled water company will be in your news. Truth about what they had put in the water will come out, sayeth the Lord. ##

***Get ready, my children for a great change, a great shift, a great shaking and a great Exodus sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. ##










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