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Politicians Against God will Start to Die? Ghislaine Gets 20 Years. B2T Show Jun 28, 2020

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In Julie Green’s latest prophetic word, the Lord tells us that Politicians against him will start to die.

This may seem harsh, but the Lord tells us about their hearts and their plans to destroy us!

Rick reviews the latest Q drop and discuss the Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing and disucss a meme on why Ghislaine’s customers have not been arrested.

We also review several prophesies fulfilled from Julie’s prophetic words including Roe vs. Wade and the Amtrack derailment.

Rick reviews other news, a scripture and discuss the lies coming out from the Press Secretary.

We then bring on Matt Thayer and review the Unplanned movie he directed, understand how he got connected to Trump despite not voting for him in 2016.

Rick asks about “The Trump I Know” documentary, the Reawaken Tour documentary and the timing of the next documentary releases.

Then we learn about the latest documentary on voter fraud that focuses on Laura Logan and the finding from the Mesa County Colorado servers!

Matt’s conclusion as this has been “Selections” not “elections” for over 50 years!  This includes the establishment Republicans as well as the Democrats!

Afterwards, we go backstage for Q&A and to pray for Scott.  Scott tells us his POV on if  we win in 2022 and if the machine fraud is exposed before the midterms. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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