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Pence a Hero? Julie Green LIVE!! MonkeyPox Update. B2T Show, Jun 15, 2022

Show Note

Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

Julie Green joins us live where we get updates on her most recent prophetic words.

We delve into the word from earlier in the morning saying Pence was a hero!

Julie explains how some of the evil beliefs on Pence could be explained.

We also hear many examples of fulfilled prophecies and some of the prophecies she was most shocked by!

Before Julie comes on we review the latest prophetic word and Rick gives some commentary (in between his coughs due to his cold!)

We end the 1st segment with Julie giving us details on how we need to learn and take action on our authority with the name of Jesus.  The ultimate weapon!!

Then we go Backstage with Julie where Backstagers get questions answered and we get to lift Julie up in prayer! Julie even prays for Rick and his sickness! You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage





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Scroll Down now for the Show Notes!

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 Prophetic Word

6.15.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – A GREAT SHAKE UP

A great shakeup. I heard this word again on June 13th

***For I the Lord this day have proclaimed your freedom, your victory, your health, your deliverance, and your restoration. You are no longer slaves. You are no longer victims. When I have not only declared your victories, but paid the ultimate price for them. There is nothing more powerful than the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. The damage it has done to Satan and his power. Everything he has stolen from this earth and from my children is not his anymore. It has been given back through the blood covenant. My children take it back now, you have the authority. Your adversary is defeated. Get the revelation on the inside of you. When he comes with his attacks, you will strike him down to the ground under your feet and remind him of his defeat. He can’t defeat you when you know the truth. So my children today hold onto the truth, hold on to my blood covenant, hold on to my name and resist him. Command what is rightfully yours, your freedom, your house, soundness, wholeness, joy, peace, wealth, and family. Nothing that is bad is for me. I am good and all good things come for me. And I have given you all good things to enjoy. So enjoy my gifts, my children. Take what I have already provided and paid for. Don’t sit by and let these attacks happen to you. I have given you the ultimate weapon of Satan’s destruction. My children use it daily. What is ultimate weapon? You may ask the name of Jesus. Receive greater revelation in that name. It will destroy the attacks, destroy sickness, destroy every lie, destroy every chain, destroy lack, destroy death, destroy fear that is trying to attack you. You are my chosen generation that hell will not prevail against. That is why you are being attacked by the world leaders the way you are. Satan knows what is coming. Revival and my glory like never before and it will crush his plans and wipe out all who he has used to help bring his plans to pass. ##

*** George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Klaus Suab, all the secret societies, all the leaders from around the world. Heed these words. My hand is moving now against you. All of you will end up like Pharaoh in my written word. You refuse to listen. You harden your hearts and you pursued my children with no remorse or repentance. Your fortunes will be taken from you and death will come to each of you for the death and destruction you have caused my children and the earth that I have created. They were never your property or your slaves and you will see that before you take your last breath. The freedom of my children and their destruction of your empires, your finances and your influence. I am ripping the secrets societies apart like they never existed. Everything you have stolen will also be ripped from your hands. This nation of the United States is not yours and it ever has been. You are about to experience utter betrayal. Someone you thought was on your side has turned evidence in to the authorities and your blueprints are known to my side and the world will see it all. All corporations, businesses, and leaders against me. You were all about to take the biggest hit to your pride and arrogance that you thought you had against me, and it will not keep you from your ultimate fall from your high power positions. I say, again, you are not gods and you never will be. I’m against you and you soon will see my power on display against you sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** My children, their destruction is at hand, so don’t lose hope now. Things you have never seen or about to take place. Get ready, my children, change your lives and your hearts’ toward me. Make me a priority again. Make me first in your lives and while great shakings and great destruction take place around the world, you will have perfect peace and you will not be moved. Great miracles, great destruction at the same time. Great death on the other side. Great glory and restoration for my children. A great shakeup is upon you, my children. No one could have planned or imagined what is about to take place. Receive my glory now, receive my words, receive my grace and my forgiveness. I will show up, and I will show you my goodness on a level never known to mankind. So rejoice, everything bad you see is about to be destroyed by me sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Crenshaw. This name will be in your news.

Liable. This word will be used often against “the Biden”, but he is not making these decisions. My children something big is about to prove that this is true. He’s a puppet and I will show the world that puppet masters and I will cut their lines of communication and you will see this for yourselves. Obama. Yes, you have defide me for the last time. Your pride will be your fall and your judgment is great sayeth the Lord.

***Pence will be in your news again. My children I’ve told you things are not how they appear to be. I will show you the truth and vindicate his name. Many lies have been told and things done behind closed doors. Decisions had to made. He’s a hero, not a villain. He chose to obey when others wouldn’t have done what I asked him to do. You may not understand this now because of what you see, my children, but you also are not supposed to walk by sight. Stop listening to a lie. I see all and know all. The news stations and they are all liars and thieves. Trust me beyond what you see today. My children and confusion will be destroyed against you. Wake up. My children, chess moves are being played before your eyes. Strategic moves have been made against your enemies they don’t even see yet. They won’t see their total destruction coming for them until it’s too late. ##

*** Hazmat, this word will be in your news for an unusual reason. Fear is a liar. Do not comply to another lie sayeth the Lord. ##

***A convoy is on the move to take back your freedoms. Yes, your military is marching toward your enemies camps and take them all out once and for all. So don’t be moved by appearances, my children. It’s all going as planned, and the landslide is about to take place one explosion after another to destroy it all. You are right at the door, so don’t give up now. You who don’t will receive a great reward sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer.



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