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Pelosi Exposed for Jan 6 and More! Meri Crouley LIVE. B2T Show Oct 19, 2022

Show Notes

Rick researches the massive number of prophetic words showing Pelosi will fall and be exposed for orchestrating the Jan 6 False Flag.

But it will be for much more than Jan 6 and will be for stolen elections, the Rusia hoax, the impeachment hoaxes and much more.

Audio and video files will expose her, Kamala, Schumer, Mitch McConnel and many others.

We review the latest polls showing a red tsunami incoming as the Democratic narratives fall.

The criminal CDC is also exposed as the board votes to add Covid-19 shots to the Childhood Vaccine schedule.

There is no medical basis whatsoever for this.  Kids have significantly more melatonin than adults and thus almost no children get Covid.  So this move clearly exposes that their agenda!

Meri Crouley comes on LIVE and we get to hear her take on the season we are in.  Her main message is that the Lord told her to “brace for impact!”

Juan O’Savin also confirmed major events are likely to occur in the next 3-4 weeks.  Rick looked to get him on the B2T show the week of Nov 14 and Juan responded with “You will be late to the draw”…

Rick interpreted this as you better get me on earlier since all the Red Seam moment will happen before this!

Meri encourages us and informs us of how the Remnant will be taking over the mountain of Arts and Entertainment!

We go backstage with Meri for a special time where she prophesies over individual backstage members and the B2T Ministry as a whole.  At least one person was in tears of joy after getting a word about her family.

Meri plans to come on next week to cover more people! You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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