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Pelosi Contract to Kill Trump? Super Wolf Blood Moon! Bible Study Jan 20

Show Notes:

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Ex Military Intelligence Officer Posts Theory on 8chan

First Few Seconds of Video Shows Rosanne Barr Watching Blessed To Teach Show!

Trump Tweet: Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally 

SerialBrain2 Decode: The reason Trump tweeted ‘Countrty’ and why this extra T is explosive.


Eliminate Undesirable SES During the >30 Shutdown

Positive Prayer for our President. No need to comment. Just Pray today.

HUGE! MEDIA BACKTRACKS FROM LIES: AP Admits Students “Were Singing” with Phillips — “Video Contradicts” Phillips’s Claims – NRO Removes Hit Piece

Q Team if you are reading this we want these brave kids who stood up to liberals, demonized in the fake media, and as a result have received threats to visit the Whitehouse to meet the first family

Native Activist Who Harassed Catholic Teens Identified As Actor From 2012 Skrillex Video About Attacking Police

The Hill: Thousands demand changes at Catholic high school after viral video of students harassing Native American man 

Covington MAGA student’s response to the false racist accusations regarding Native American. Staged by leftists to incriminate conservatives. Spread it. Fake news!


Attorney Robert Barnes: I Will Represent Pro-Life Catholic Children FOR FREE If They Sue NY Times Hack Haberman

1st Bush, We have a Border Crisis, Clinton, We have a Border Crisis, Next Bush and Barry, We have a Border Crisis, TRUMP, We have a Border Crisis let’s End This, MSM, Trump Manufactures Border Crisis!

Bible Study

Romans Chapter 7 

Scripture Typer 







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