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Obama Spying Since 2012? SB2 Decode – B2T Show April 25

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SerialBrain2 Decode! Michelle Obama in Paris during the Notre Dame fire: how it connects to the attacks in Sri Lanka.

List Of Military Elite Purged
And Fired Under Obama


Iraq hit by series of attacks in the bloodiest day of the year

Are we all listening to Nazi engineered music?


“Awakening Will Sweep Through America”
Andrew Whalen, Colorado Springs, CO

Very recently, I received a series of profound and encouraging dreams for America. In the first dream I saw multiple lines of people who represented different “mountains of society,” and other lines that represented different callings and positions in the Body of Christ. Each line had a person assigned to pray and prophesy over them. In the dream, I was appointed to pray and prophesy over the intercessors of America.

Emphasis on “Sweep”

I found myself boldly prophesying: “I call forth a great uprising from the intercessors, that the NAME OF JESUS will be upon your lips from the four corners of this nation, for the Word of God is near you and in your mouths to prophesy. As you speak forth the name of Jesus over this land, the winds will blow, and awakening will sweep through America.” In the dream there was a very strong emphasis on the word “sweep,” and I knew by revelation in the dream that the awakening that sweeps through our land is going to remove demonic structures and people who have been planted to oppose the Kingdom of God.

Much of our generation has been asleep, living under the sway of demonic narratives. The goal of such narratives have been to empower lies that hold souls under the captivity and dominion of darkness. More plainly, we have seen the fruit of witchcraft upon a whole generation. Because messaging is produced and proliferated from the top of the mountains of society, darkness has long occupied these high places of power in order to control the message. However, this is all about to change! 

God is not willing to let a mass spiritual awakening occur in America only to lose the harvest to the demonic messaging coming from the mountain tops of our society. The awakening that is coming, and even now is upon us, is going to sweep through the high places of cultural and societal influence. God is beginning to trumpet a new sound in such “mountains” as government, media, education and entertainment, that will deconstruct the narratives that have captured a generation through a frequency of lies.

“Frequency is the Key to Deliverance”

In another recent dream, I was told by the Lord that “Frequency is the key to deliverance.” By definition, frequency is the rate at which something occurs/repeats in a period of time, or the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave (such as sound). I believe by the statement in my dream, God is revealing that the right “sound frequency” or the right “messaging” is the key to getting people set free.

Hitler and the Nazi’s understood the power of frequency to control, as they are often quoted as saying: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” I believe the Scriptures reveal two competing frequencies: truth and lies. Because Jesus is the Truth, only His anointing can set the captives free (Luke 4:18). His life and message established a “frequency” of truth, and where He went people were awakened and set free. We can see from the life of Jesus, that truth, when manifested, has greater power and authority over lies. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Demons Have No Choice But to Surface
In another recent dream for our nation, I saw many intercessors and prophets with the head of a lion, and they were roaring over the nation. In the dream, as I looked at one of the prophets of our land, I said, “As the truth is amplified, the demons get pushed to the surface and they have no choice but to manifest themselves before they are cast out.” I knew in the dream that a sound frequency of truth is going to be amplified throughout the land, demons will be driven out, and mass deliverance will result. 

In the last dream of the recent series for our nation, I saw that the Church was beginning to enter the “Upper Room.” From this Upper Room we, as the Church, were releasing a sound that filled a building called “The Axiom.” The sound that filled the Axiom caused incredible life and freedom for all those inside the building.

The definition of Axiom is “a self evident truth.” I believe that God is inviting the Church into the Upper Room of prayer and intercession to put the name of Jesus on our lips, to roar His name, and to prophesy His Word over this nation. A sound of a mighty rushing wind is about to break forth from the Upper Room, that will reveal the AXIOM of God’s reality, love and power. Very soon, truth is about to be known, and “AWAKENING WILL SWEEP THROUGH AMERICA.”

Andrew Whalen


Andrew Whalen is a prophetic revivalist. He and his wife Kelly have pioneered a house of prayer, multiple campus ministries, a house church, revival networks, prophetic round-tables, street evangelism, and human trafficking intervention initiatives. Today, Andrew travels nationally and internationally on prophetic assignments to pray, prophesy, and preach. He works in league with national prayer leaders, financial leaders, and even law enforcement to bring prophetic wisdom and breakthrough. He desires to provoke the Church back to victorious warfare by revelation of the finished work of Christ. Andrew and Kelly run Whalen Ministries, and they currently resides with their family in Colorado Springs.

Bible Study Verse

1 Corinthians 1:22-23 New International Version (NIV)

Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,

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