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Mitch Exposed, Judged and Death? Dr. Bartlett LIVE! B2T Show Jun 22, 2022

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Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

Dr. Barlett comes on LIVE to expose the medical cartel and how Fauci and Mathwew McConaughey was used to lie and silence a treatment that worked on COVID.

An Oxford compressive study concluded that this approach could have saved 90% of those who went to the hospital!

Yet the Medical Cartel and Biden Administration continues to suppress this and other outstanding treatment options.

A prophetic word confirms Mitch will be exposed and judges by the Lord.  Previous words say he will die before the end of the year!

We learn Ghislaine Maxwell (convicted sex offender helping Epstein recruit and condition underage girls) is turning on the Clintons.

We also learn Andrew Gillum (candidate for Florida Governor against DeSantis) was indicted on many felonies stemming from the gubernatorial campaign!

Julie’s words also discuss how our fraudulent government will be exposed for funding Hammas and Hezbollah.

Then we go Backstage with Dr. Bartlett and get even more truth about the Medical Cartel, Monkeypox, Crimes Against Humanity and how to get Budesonide.  Then we get to lift Dr. Bartlett up in prayer. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backsatage





6.22.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – A STORM IS BREWING

*** For I the Lord this day, I’m telling my children to get in my word more than you have in days past, because my word is truth and it will set you free from having a world perspective of what is going on in the world today. It will change the way you see things and how you act upon them. It will destroy the spirit of fear that is trying everything he can to keep you under his power and torment. So do you believe in him and his power and what he can do against you? Is that more believable than what I can do for you? My children get to know me in a greater way, so when your adversary comes to steal to try and kill, to destroy, to hold you captive, you will destroy his power over you with knowing the truth that will break you free from those chains he has tried so desperately to keep you in. His days are numbered, and so are each and every person he is using against you and he’s using against me. They will never have what they want, which is total world control and kicking me out of the world. I created. This is why I sit in the heavens and laugh because this could and will never happen. So my children fellowship with me. Get in my presence instead of being in fear and worry. You will join me in laughter over everything they are doing and thinking it will all work out the way they want it. Ha, my hand is shutting their plans down and stopping them in their tracks. Celebrate my children and know I have everything under control. Good always defeats evil, sayeth the Lord. ##

Howard Stein, this name will be in your news.

Again. I say Lancaster will be in the news and shockwaves of truth will destroy the enemies narrative.

Symphony. This word will be in your news for on unusual reason it may appear.

An alimony dispute will be reported in your news.

Augusta. This name again, will be in your news. The truth will be revealed that they can’t cover up.

Pancreatitis. This name will be in your news, a spiking cases that will surprise a medical industry, but my children, there is more to this than they want to keep hidden, but I will expose it all saith the Lord of hosts.

A hostage situation will take place and being breaking news. This is not how it appears to be at all. This person was paid to do this, and it will be proven who is behind it all.

A controversial cover story will break out. A dispute that will get the world’s attention on what is causing such a ruckus. This controversy isn’t a small one and the truth will prevail.

*** Mitch McConnell, your days are numbered. The truth has already been uncovered about you and they will expose you when you least expect it. Judgment is coming to you with nowhere to hide. Mitch. Your days in the Senate are almost over. I will unseat you and justice will be served, sayeth the Lord of hosts.##

Haverty this name I say again, will be in your news and look at the location. This is also important.

Someone who has been highly esteemed by many will fall from grace. Their lifestyle will be told to the world what they have tried to hide for years. My children, many respected people should have never been respected at all.

The next economic quarter. Watch what significant things that will take place. A turnaround is coming my children and it’s bigger than you think.

Sigourney Weaver will be in your news.

*** Hezbollah will be in the news and what they want is chaos and destruction. Yes, you might already know that, but a big secret has been hiding; who was funding them. Follow the money and you will find your fraudulent government. Yes, ties to them and many other terrorist groups will be exposed. My children whistleblowers have everything they need to expose them and take them all down. So watch things are about to get interesting sayth the Lord. ##

*** Hamas will be in your news. You are liars and your lies will be revealed. You touch my nation and any damage you will try to cause will not succeed. I am their protector and you will not get what you want. Hamas and another terrorist group that is funded not only by the deep state, but the world elites. Yes, this too will be exposed. Hamas, you will not have Israel and you will never get what you so desired from them sayeth the Lord. ##

Hazenut, this name will be in your news.

*** My children, your enemies are trying to cause damage to your fruit production in this country. Listen to what they’re saying about fruit in your news. Do not listen. They are liars and I will show the truth. ##

*** A shaking will take place, politically in the United States. Watch a storm is brewing and what they try to hide will no longer stay hidden. Watch a violent storm will hit DC. Not only naturally, but supernaturally sayeth the Lord. ##

*** January 6th narrative, they want so desperately to keep going. It will not work. A whistleblower and a computer will come out at the right time to blow their narratives apart. Nothing will come out of what they’re trying to do against you, oh United States. This puppet show is about or abruptly come to an end. ##

*** My Children, many things going on around the world today will abruptly come to an end, so do not let these things that are seen, weigh you down with worry and fear. Why would you fear when nothing new happens? It’s the same plan of the enemy over and over again, through the ages and the centuries, he just tries different ways to implement his plan, and every time I have stopped him from getting what he wants. Stay focused on me and my words. I have given you plenty of time to prepare. I have warned you many times before any of this took place not to fear that I have already known what they were going to do before they planned on doing it. So rejoice! The great I am is still on the throne. I’m still the God that delivers, and I am on the move to set you free, sayeth the Lord Your Redeemer.


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