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Mitch Exposed, Judged and Death? Dr. Bartlett LIVE! B2T Show Jun 22, 2022

B2T Show

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Dr. Barlett comes on LIVE to expose the medical cartel and how Fauci and Mathwew McConaughey was used to lie and silence a treatment that worked on COVID.

An Oxford compressive study concluded that this approach could have saved 90% of those who went to the hospital!

Yet the Medical Cartel and Biden Administration continues to suppress this and other outstanding treatment options.

A prophetic word confirms Mitch will be exposed and judges by the Lord.  Previous words say he will die before the end of the year!

We learn Ghislaine Maxwell (convicted sex offender helping Epstein recruit and condition underage girls) is turning on the Clintons.

We also learn Andrew Gillum (candidate for Florida Governor against DeSantis) was indicted on many felonies stemming from the gubernatorial campaign!

Julie’s words also discuss how our fraudulent government will be exposed for funding Hammas and Hezbollah.

Then we go Backstage with Dr. Bartlett and get even more truth about the Medical Cartel, Monkeypox, Crimes Against Humanity and how to get Budesonide.  Then we get to lift Dr. Bartlett up in prayer. You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backsatage

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