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Military Law is in Effect! Derrick Johnson LIVE. B2T Show Mar 14, 2023

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Derrick Johnson comes on LIVE to discuss Military Law and how it is active under Trump at this time.

Derrick calls Trump “Boss Man” and gives examples throughout the interview showing how the white hats and Trump are in control of much of the military.

Before Derrick comes on Rick reviews current news about Bank stocks and Buzz Feed having a huge loss in Q4 as well as having most of it’s assets in Silicon Valley Bank!

Rick also reviews a recent prophetic word from Julie Green that discusses the fall of the Mainstream Media as well as the entertainment industry.

“A great collapse of the mainstream media is coming. They will not continue their narrative in this nation. They will not continue their hold over all nations; no, a great fall of the news media along with a great fall of the entertainment industry.”

The Lord also gives us instructions on how to fight this evil.  With praise and decrees!!

“Your praise will confuse. Your decrees and the authority I’ve given to you will cause great confusion in the enemy’s army. Yes, great confusion; and you will see that more and more.”

Derrick Johnson comes on the show and gives us an update on how current events are confirming the Military Law that is in effect.

He explains how he learned the details of Military Law and all the Obama executive orders and events in congress all show that this was planned well before Trump came into office.

Derrick discusses taking the interview from a famous studio in Alabama and how he will be in Frisco Texas for an event on March 26.

He also explains how Devolution by Patel Patriot came to very similar conclusions around the Continuity of Government as he came to through his study of Military Law.

Derrick also discusses his new PR relationship and how he is back on Twitter and will very busy with the media going forward.

Backstagers ask multiple questions that are intriguing, and they look forward to asking Amanda Grace questions on Wednesday.

We then pray for Derrick and Rick summarizes the conclusions from the interview from his perspective.

After the show, we continue backstage as we discuss the interview, hear a few praise reports and then move to Project Children Rescue where we lift up the children and the soldiers and call down the media before blowing the shofars.

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