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Mike Lindell LIVE! Pete Buttigieg Downfall. Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Aug 9, 2022

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We have Mike Lindell on live for nearly a full hour followed by Dr. Ardis for 40 mintues!

What a huge privilege to hear from Mike Lindell on his Election Fraud Summit coming up, his trip to Texas, his take on Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Michael Flynn.

Mike also addresses Clay Clark and let’s us know his litmus test for people and his thoughts on the Mar-a-lago raid.

We get an update on how Lindell sees God hand in these times.

Rick reviews some more news for 4-5 minutes before we have Dr. Bryan Ardis come on and update us on venom.

We learn about airborn venom and synthetic venom that can can easily be put into our tap water.

He asks why New York is advocating for the public to drink tap water.

We get an update on his new documentary and his theory on what may happen to the vaccinated when they encounter airport venom.

We then go backstage for with Dr. Ardis and he helps Backstagers with natural means to help with Glaucoma, neuropathy and many other ailments before we pray for him.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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