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Media Meltdown over Let’s Go Brandon. Bongino Fights Mandates. B2T Show Nov 1, 2021

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Let’s Go Brandon becomes the phrase of the year as 4 of the top 10 songs on YouTube are called “Let’s Go Brandon”.

Rick explains the origin of the phrase, shows how the media is melting down trying to keep it from growing, but instead the media’s efforts are backfiring.

The letters LGB now have taken on a new meaning. Rick shows off the new sticker giveaway and the new membership portal for those wanting patriotic products.

Rick also shows how Dan Bongino is taking a hard stance against the Radio Sydicator Cumulus due to their vaccine mandates.

Leigh Dundas and many other are all supporting the vaccine mandates as well.

Rick then reads Johnny Enlow’s latest word from the Lord that talks about a great shaking that is about to take place and how we will eventually be signing a song similar to the Song of Moses.

Rick reviews Haggai verses talking about the shaking of the Nations and Exodus 15 about the Song of Moses as Kent Henry comes on for worship. We then continue for an hour of presence based worship with Kent backstage.

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