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Manchin Changing to Red? Exodus from the Blue Party? B2T Show Jun 16, 2022

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Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

A prophetic word says a Senator will change to red and shock the party of the blue.

Could that be Machin or someone else.  The Julie Green prophetic word also details out how God is judging the Democrat party.

Many positions will open before the November elections, and we will have a new House and a new Senate and a new Government across many Nations as the evil is wiped out.

We now see a huge wave of Hispanics turning against the Democrats and many people seeing the Democrats as the party of elites.

The prophetic word also seems to support NESARA as it discusses having no debt and having no illnesses!

Near the end the word discusses God being our “way maker!”

Kirk Elliott gives an economic update discussing soaring mortgage rates and the need to get into precious metals for protection.

Rick ends with a teaching on Genesis 17 where Abram and Sarai’s names were changed and God promises a son to them when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90!

Abraham laughs to himself and God hears him and tells Abraham to name the boy Isac, which means “laugh”!

Kent comes on and we sing and worship to the song “Way Maker!” as Julie Green word discussed.

We then go backstage to a holy spirit filled worship hour with many Backstagers giving Praise Reports of true miracles God is working from the PraiseNPrayer intercessory prayers!  See over 15 Backstagers involved in Praise as well as Prayer!! You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage



6.16.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – A GREAT EXCHANGE IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE

***For I the Lord this day am telling my children and my body to arise in this hour and great strength against the persecution, against the plans of the enemies arise above it all. I have given you the power, tap into it today. My children are asking God, how do we tap into this power. Proclaim this: “Lord I take and receive the authority you have given to me through the blood of Jesus. I received this today, my blood covenant rights. I received my freedoms and my deliverance. Satan, you can no longer take away what is rightfully mine in the blood of Jesus. I am no longer a slave, but I am a warrior in the body of Christ. I am a heavily armed soldier and my victory is guaranteed. Hallelujah.” My children decree this. Get the revelation and these words for your enemies, destruction is great. I am pouring out revelation knowledge out, like never before, because it is written in my word that states: “my children are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”. So my children no longer settle for natural reasoning and living like the world. Take my truth and receive it and it will destroy the lies you have believed and the chains that held you hostage all of your lives because of the lies your enemies got you to believe. No more accept slavery and defeat my children. Roar like a lion because a lion of the tribe of Judah is on the inside of you. So shout your freedom. Shout for your health. Shout until your children come home. Shout until your finances and tell them to come in. Shout until the walls of the enemies come down like the walls of Jericho. Shout until your chains come off. Shout until your enemies can’t stay in your presence because of the power and the authority that is coming out of you. ##

*** Great changes are coming. Brace for the change, my children, it will be sudden, and it will be something that you have never experienced. Days of revival, days of glory, days of deliverance, days of restoration, days of a wealth transfer, days of your enemies ultimate demise. Yes, you are living in these days. Now receive this today. my children sayeth the Lord Your Redeemer. ##

*** Gerber will be in your news. Truth will be revealed and anger will grow around the world what they have done against you that was planned and there is proof and the proof will be shown to the world sayeth the Lord. ##

Shortages. Yes, they will continue to say this and use this against you, they think. Leaked documents will prove it’s all a lie, a cargo ship, and its contents will also prove this as a lie. My children in their chip shortages will be revealed how they wanted to manipulate the car industry as well every part of your economy. They wanted it to change to burden you with so much financial debt you would have to become more enslaved to them. I told you before, I am ripping apart their system, tearing it all down, freeing you from then enslaving you my children. I will not allow them to go as far as they wanted to go. No, they wanted for this time was depopulation on this planet to a scale never seen before and their own one world order in full control. My children, they wanted you in their concentration camps again. They wanted to shut down churches for them, never to open again. They wanted to destroy capitalism fully, so no one had a right to their own money and their own businesses. They wanted full control of your lives, medically. They want it to be able to flip a switch and decide who lived and who died. Yes. They wanted to control your bodies, but ultimately your souls. That was their ultimate goal. Destroy your wills and your soul, so you would break and fully become enslaved to them. But my children, I have intervened and I have stopped them from getting that far. Their plan, they will will never fully get, even in the time of tribulation. They will get to see a lot, but they will never get exactly what they wanted, full control over this earth and destroy my power in this earth that could and would never happen sayeth the Lord.

*** These people are not gods and they can not have what they so desire and they will soon find that out. Your enemies are about to experience a destruction to a level, never known to them. Everything will fall apart at one time. You my children will get back what has been taken from you by your enemies and receive a freedom you have never known, and they will experience lack, defeat, destruction, and embarrassment, heartache and loss never known to them. ##

*** A great exchange is about to take place. My children, what is coming has never been experienced by mankind. The display of my power used against your enemies has never been seen like this, and I had chosen you to experience a kind of deliverance never known by my children, a wealth, never known to this level health and wholeness, a great exchange of things stolen will be given back. Get ready, my children, for my greatness to be on display for the world to see. ##

Spain will be in your news. Lies, manipulation will be uncovered. Yes, a leader will fall and many more will follow allover this world sayeth the Lord. It’s all about to come to a close. I will tear their empires down in front of the world.

*** A harbor will be in your news for an unusual reason, but is it really? My light will shine on the harbors on the things that were hidden in the darkness. Yes, they have been unloading precious cargo in the dark of night and it has been captured on video shat they had been up to. Watch my children, you will see it all and it all be seen by the world sayeth TheLord.

An expo will be in your news, look for what kind of expo it is and you will know why I mentioned this to you sayeth The Lord.

Tunnels will be in your news. And what has been transported in them will be exposed and it’s not what you think, it’s far worse. I am stopping it and I’m stopping them, sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Archer. This name will be in your news.

***An explosion will occur in Washington, DC. Watch for this, my children. It’s a sign to you of its ultimate destruction. ##

***A Senator will be in your news, they will announce that they are switching parties. It will rock the political realm and the shock it will bring to the color of the blue. It will bring them to their knees. This party will be ignited by the color of the red, for the Party of the Donkey has much destruction and chaos about to take place. The harvest they are about to reap what they have sown and their harvest is great. Many seats will be in question right before the 2022 election midterms, my children. Much change will occur before then. Don’t look for man-made systems to fill those seats or to replace the ones that will be vacated. My hand is doing that now. Every stolen seat will be given back. You will have a new House of Representatives. You will have a new Senate. You’ll have a new government body, and they’re all moving into their rightful places of power. I am wiping out the infiltrators and taking them out of the equation. No longer will this nation or any nation be held hostage to the world demonic system and it’s hold its had on you. ##

***The housing market will crash to a level. It will look like that will be devastating to you, my children, but don’t listen. The evil system that was propped up that was against you, that held you and those in those death grips, yes, that debt system is being destroyed by my hand. So do not let this shake you. I have everything you need. I have provided everything you need. They took it and you will see them give it back. My children, you will financially know a life free from debt and lack. Yes, my children, that is my plan for you. Every sickness plaguing your bodies will be gone and destroyed. You will live a life you won’t need that medication to live. Lord is just too good to be true when it’s too impossible to believe. My children, they caused it all, so why would I not make things right? I did it for my children in Egypt, and I am doing it for you now. Trust in me like never before. Believe me, my children, more than you believe those liars and their system that they enslaved you with. I am the Waymaker and I am already made a way out of this. So get excited, my children and your lives will forever change for your good. ##

Marcus. This name will be in your news.

*** The white house press secretary will be in question if she is capable to do her job. This headline will be in your news and shocking revelation will be revealed. You will see more like a mass Exodus starting to exit stage left, you would say, out of this fraudulent government and fraudulent administration. They want to distance themselves and get away as fast as possible because the handwriting is on the wall; “The Biden” will fall. So here this my children get ready and get right before me. Great changes will occur on levels you didn’t know existed. Lift up your heads. I am here. My plan will succeed. My will be done on earth sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer! ##







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