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LIVE from China: Les interview – Gene on New Virus Health Findings. B2T Show Mar 19

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COVID-19, Pneumonia & Inflammasomes – The Melatonin Connection

Notes from Les:


Life in Condos and High-Rise apartments have special survival needs most people don’t think of! …

In the time of emergencies, MREs and other emergency foods won’t solve every problem.

I would like to discuss the following with you Behind the Scenes Show.

  1. Water shut offs – Kitchen

Using paper plates, bowls, cups and towels to minimize water usage in case of a shut off. Disposable plastic flat ware. & How to dispose of them!

Create an inventory or a check off list.

Keep ’em together!

What cooking utensils to minimize water usage. i.e. Teflon saucepan, frying pan and kettle.

Tips on washing dishes!

The spatula will save more water than you can believe

Bread Machine & Sourdough. SD is only flour, salt and water once you have the starter!

Ways to reuse plastic bottles.

“Emergency” non-potable water for Misc. Sponge Baths & Cleaning (PR Emergency)

Use for Storage, “Measuring Cup,” “mixing bowl”, etc.

  1. Water shut offs – W.C., Rest Room, Washroom, Lua, Ladies Room, etc.

Liquid waste disposal – Keeping your home “fresh.” Easier than you think.

Solid waste disposal – Keeping your home “fresh,” clean and safe. Be an Astronaut!

  1. Garbage/Rubbish options for the small apartment. (Pig Story)

Paper: Keep it flat!

Plastic: sheets & bottles, reuse (Gravy), remake, (Muesli) & and then make them flat

Cardboard: Reuse First!

Cans: Flatten them.

  1. Have your own “Prep Day” each week until you are comfortable with the processes.

Turn off the water and electricity for one day each week and see how you do!

You will see your needs before a real disaster.

Organize Early and be ready for most problems.

Buy over time!  Always be ready.

  1. Create an inventory or a check off list.

Paper products to buy

Plastic products to buy

Notes from Gene:

Prayer Against Coronavirus

Father, I come before You to renounce and repent for my transgressions against you and your laws in which have caused me to have opened the door to the Coronavirus and/or any other viral epidemic or pandemic through fear.  Lord, I acknowledge Your truth that:

  • Your perfect love casts out all fear, but there have been times when we have not trusted in that love
  • Your sacrifice on the cross is sufficient for our healing
  • You have told us to not be afraid because You are with us
  • Satan’s agenda is to create fear in order to cause destruction and pre-empt Your righteous agenda to establish Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven

Lord Christ, please cause Your pure sacrifice and love to encapsulate every cell in my body on the physical, soul and spirit levels. Please set a watch, and:

  • Guard every vulnerable opening into my body, soul, and spirit, reaching all the way down to the cellular and subcellular levels
  • Cause my nasal, oral, and ocular openings to be hostile to the coronavirus presence, such that every virion would die in those openings before it can enter my body
  • Cause any coronavirus that has entered my body to be rejected by my body cause my cells to be hostile toward infection, such that all cell receptors bar acceptance, reception, and subsequent infection
  • Block the receptors on my cells so that the coronavirus cannot recognize where to latch on

In the name of Christ and by the power of His sacrifice, I forbid the virus from landing on any cell receptor and the viral membranes from fusing with my cell membranes.I ask that you, Lord, would dissolve the spikes that make up the crown of the virus, which is necessary for infection as it attempts to enter my body system.  Please de-crown the coronavirus on entry into my body system and activate my immunity to remove its remnants.

Lord, please cause my immune system to recognize the coronavirus and not be fooled by any viral mechanism that shields the virus from detection.

I forbid the ribosomes in my cells from replicating and/or translating coronavirus RNA.0I thank You, Lord Christ, for your everlasting protection and love. I speak life and health to my body, soul, and spirit, and I claim Your promise that:You will not fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.  A thousand may fall at your side,  ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place—the Most High, who is my refuge—no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent.I also declare healing to every physical and spiritual area over which God has given me authority I declare that the coronavirus will cease and desist, for it must submit to the sacrifice, love, compassion and power of Christ.

ALSO this:

COVID-19, Pneumonia & Inflammasomes – The Melatonin Connection

Physiological dose:  0.2 milligram to 0.5 milligram per day

Please take melatonin at night, about 1 to 2 hours before sleep and 2 to 3 hours AFTER your last meal.  You should ideally finish eating before it is dark.


Ascorbic Acid 

Again, your age matters because of the level of endogenous melatonin.  If you are older or more susceptible to COVID-19 for various reasons, your maintenance dose should be one gram per hour, to total 10-18 grams per day, depending on your tolerance level.  You will experience loose stools, or what is known as hitting Bowel Tolerance if you have saturated your system with ascorbic acid.

Dosage During COVID-19 Infection

If you suspect infection, notify authorities in charge and your physician immediately.  If you are self-quarantined at home, the following dosage applies.


Melatonin COVID-19 Infection Dosage:  5 milligrams to 50 milligrams

The lower range is for people with mild or no symptoms.  The higher range is for older people or those with more severe symptoms.

IF you are taking ACE inhibitors, have cardiac conditions, hypertension, you need to consult your physician before taking high doses of melatonin.  Melatonin may lower blood pressure and cause hypotension at higher dosages.  

The Infection dose should ideally be divided into DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME doses.
DAYTIME – 40% of total daily dose, divided into small equal portions to be taken every TWO HOURS.

NIGHTTIME –  60% of total daily dose, divided into two portions taken 2-3 hours after dinner.  The final dose at night should be completed by 10 pm (latest).
IF you are diabetic, or have insulin resistance, DO NOT TAKE MELATONIN before 3 pm.  Melatonin is able to suppress insulin.

Please remember that oral dosage higher than physiological concentration is applicable during infections only.  Supplementation of high dose melatonin MUST BE SUPPORTED by ascorbic acid. You may not experience full benefits of melatonin in the absence of ascorbic acid. 

Ascorbic Acid 

Ascorbic Acid COVID-19 Infection Dosage:  1 gram every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on severity of symptoms. Increase to 2 grams every 15 to 30 minutes if symptoms are not reversed within 12-24 hours.  

IF you are infected, you will essentially have an ‘unlimited’ tolerance for ascorbic acid.  Your tolerance may increase above 100 grams or more. That is normal.

During infection, rest, drink plenty of purified water.  You may lose your appetite. Do not force yourself to eat if you are not hungry.  Calorie restriction initiates mitophagy and autophagy, which will facilitate healing [101].

The journey ahead for everyone in every corner of the world will prove to be challenging.  During this time of darkness, we must keep absolute faith in God & Christ!!!

God Bless


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