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The B2T Show

Lin Wood vs. Flynn, Kyle Rittenhouse, Patrick Byrne & More. Special B2T Show Nov 28, 2021

B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

In this special Sunday edition of the B2T Show, Rick gives his opinion on the in-fighting between Lin Wood, Flynn, Patrick Byrne and Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rick looks at the Ven Diagram of The Great Awakening and The Body of Christ with the intersection being Awake Believers.

Rick asks to consider both circles as “We The People”…. And fight together for the country and the constitution together in unity against the Cabal.

We discuss Lin Woods Telegram and attempt to paint the Flynn’s as controlled opposition.

He also addresses Ritenhouse claim that Lin is insane because he believes there is election fraud and in Q.  Is Kyle compromised or just manipulated?

We also look at a portion of a recent Amanda Grace prophesy that emphasizes a focus on His Word and less on smearing others.  Will Lin and Kyle learn to work to unite against the Cabal?

Rick ends with scriptures on preaching Christ crucified vs. focusing on others.

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