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Keystone Decoded? LadyQanuck – B2T Show Dec 29

Show Notes:

Ricks Natural Oil here at

Learn How to Trade Like a Genius!

Prepare with Rick with Food Storage!

FACEBOOK is not an irresponsible tech company that should be regulated… It’s a CIA brass plate fraud designed to SPY on everyone and very likely a money laundering operation.

Celeb New Years Eve and Tour cancellations

Start with 100 senators, take away 12 for felonies leaving 88, and 53 over 88 is 60.2%. BOOM! SUPER MAJORITY!

New FL Secretary of State Bad News For Brenda Snipes

Trump China Strategy is Winning 

Anti-Vaccine Italian Government Sacks Entire Health Expert Board 

Google Blocks Gateway Pundit from News Search Results 

President Trump Personally Secures Coast Guard Payroll Funding Amid Government Shutdown

Pennsylvania Sued Over Noncitizen Voters

How I finally red-pilled my wife, or How the MSM is committing slow gradual suicide!




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