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Julie Green Live! God’s Great Separation. COVID Fear. B2T Show Jan 4, 2022

Show Note

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Julie Green joins us to discuss her journey to receiving Words from the Lord and what He is telling her.

We discuss her connection to Robin Bollock’s music and how the frequency is allowing her to hear from the Lord.

We also review an article on the 6 important COVID data ponts that destroy the prevailing narrative form Daniel Horowitz.

Rick discusses the latest America Last movie and how it is causing the elites to lose their narrative.

Julie gives her perspective on the Price Charles, the Royal Family, Canada and even Mitt Romney.

After the show, we get go Backstage and have a Q&A with Julie and pray for her.  Very powerful! Julie also gets a word from Shavon and Lois! Join Backstage here:




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Prophesy – Word from The Lord – Julie Green

Word of the Lord: The Great Separation – Jan 2, 2022 (heard on Dec 29, 2021)

Julie Green Ministries

This is the hour and the season of a great separation saith the Lord. This is a day of separation of my church and my children from the world and the judgment that is about to strike this earth and all the systems designed to take me out of this earth totally. I am separating my children from the judgment that is hitting your enemies even as I speak these words.

Justice in this hour will rule and reign. Death is coming in mass to the enemies of almighty God. This is the hour of harvest they have sown against this earth; a great harvest of death and destruction. My children, you are protected by my name in my blood. The angel of death will pass by your door so plead my blood and command your guardian angels to be on guard. The angel of death is not allowed to cross your doors. No, the assignment is to go after the ones who have sown death upon this earth and on my children.

As you’ve seen judgment has started, but in the coming weeks the number of deaths will grow to such a number, they will not be able to hide these facts from you any longer. They’re hiding the numbers now and the cause of death, but I the Lord will expose these deaths were caused by the mandates and forcing of the mandates into your bodies.

My children do not fear as I’m restoring life unto you and reversing all the damage caused in your bodies. Give your concerns and your cares upon me the Lord Jehovah Rafa, your healer and be at rest. I am touching my children during this hour and restoring life unto all of those who have been in torment with pain, affliction and all the diseases that have enslaved you.

Know the hour you are in will be an hour of wholeness for my children; wholeness you have never experienced with no feeble or no sick among you. You have such glory imparted in you and over you, so much so that it will expel all the curses that tried to keep you sick and enslaved to your adversary. No, I the Lord bore the curse and have already bought your adversary nothing. I the Lord I’m fully restoring your bodies from all the poisons that put in your food to make you sick and the need for their so-called medication which actually poisoned you even more. Their agenda was to make all of you sick and debilitated so that you could not nor would be able to fight back and would eventually die and get out of their way.

Cancer you have a name and I’m destroying you as I speak these words. You were brought into this earth with a curse with a man-made design used to kill a large part of the population in this earth while they padded their pockets from the treatments that you were forced to take.  These were just another money-making machine for the elites and the puppet masters. They controlled so much of your societies while the world slept.  You didn’t know they were pulling your strings, controlling you, controlling your bodies, controlling your finances, controlling the news, and controlling the churches, just to advance their agenda. But I the Lord am dissolving this killer cancer and destroying the effects of it they used to destroy so many lives while they made massive profits.

The manipulation of the world and their markets and their food is all being crushed by me in this hour.

Hold on my children I am moving quickly in this season to eliminate your enemies’ control over you. This great separation will separate them from their money, from their power and their influence in the world and some will be separated from their life on this earth, while at the same time, blessing on my children and restoring life, liberty, justice, financially compensating for all the damage that has been done and restoring all that belongs to my children.

You are kings on this earth, not slaves. I am raising you up to where you belong in these days to rule, to reign and to enjoy the life on this earth that I have given to you.

This great separation will tear down walls and expel all abnormalities and all torment, all sickness and all fear, all anxiety, all depression and eliminate any damage done by your adversary in his system and eliminate the people he used to do it. All will be removed from your bodies, and I will restore your health and will make you whole in this hour.

Judgment is coming. Brace yourselves for major shifts and impact that is about to strike your enemies. Yes, a great shaking is about to occur in the people’s house. Your enemies are about to receive a final blow and their plan of destruction into their winter of death. They have prophesied their own demise and end. In this hour, more will fall, more will be exposed and more will die. More will come forward to tell the truth out of desperation to live, thinking they’ll be safer on the other side.

News stations and their ratings will keep falling and all of them will feel my judgment. The truth will continue to be told against their will. I am causing every lie to be exposed. Truth will pour out in this hour, and nothing can hold it back. During this new year of 2022 my children will usher in this great separation. So, start to celebrate, as I am moving mightily on your behalf to save you and deliver you from things you didn’t even know were coming for you. Attacks from foreign lands and from a new variant which is meant to kill anyone who was infected. Yes, they are praying to use this air ducts in the subway stations, airplanes, shopping malls to expel the virus. The plan is that anyone who comes in contact will die in a short time after breathing it in. Yes, with this heinous act, this crime of mankind, they wanted a death, a great death in this earth to take over once and for all. They wanted this new variant to include churches hospitals, retirement homes, stadiums, or any other place where there’s mass people so they can kill as many as possible since the last two years didn’t kill enough. But I the Lord have said these are the days of Haman. These plans will be exposed, and death will come to those who designed this plan. I’m delivering you in this hour so don’t be moved by the news or any other distraction that they use to take your eyes off of me. Know all will see and know that the great I Am lives, loves, and saves. Stadiums will be filled with many people who are filled with me in my glory and many people will be healed.  You will see great miracles during these days. The dead will rise again and walk out of morgues in hospitals after a Child of God speaks life back into them. Yes, hospitals will empty out with people walking out completely made whole! I have spoken this in my word. Lay hands on the sick and they shall be made whole.

Yes, these are the days my children. My church will be sought after by the world because of the great separation. You will live such blessed lives with such wonderful glory it will draw the world to you for deliverance.

Get ready my children for the great separation, for this glory, for the holy ghost and fire which is about to flood this earth, and for my greatness to be seen on you. My love will surround you and overtake you and people from all over the world be drawn to it. The distinction between my children and the rest of the world will be great. These are the days to celebrate because you were at the hour of revival and awakening the world has never seen.

Get right before me now because the days of choosing which side you will stand on are coming to a close. I’m about to shower gifts on my children, the ones who stand by me. Get your finances in order to receive the transfer of wealth and lands. Take what is yours my children this day. Call it all in. Your inheritance and your full restoration rest with me.

These are your enemies’ final hours so rejoice and speak life. The great I Am is moving over the whole world and everyone will know who’s on my side.

2022 will be a great year for my children. As 2021 draws to an end, receive the new, receive deliverance from me, forget the old and move to the new saith the Lord of Hosts!

Bible Memory Verses

Exodus 23:25-26

Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, 26 and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span.

Jeremiah 17:14

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.

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