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The B2T Show

Judgement on DC. The time is now! B2T Show Mar 3, 2021 (IS)

The B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

DC is being judged and Amanda’s Word from the Lord confirms it!

Rick warns against potential false flags regarding March 4 that the Cabal is trying to attack the Q movement by pinning some type of violence on Q followers.  Stay home and safe on the 4th through the 6th.

We review the results of the poll about the timing of Trumps return and warns against false expectations.

Rick reads the Word from the Lord given to Amanda earlier in the day that is packed with God’s judgment on DC and the swamp.

We end with 4 things we can do where God promises to do 3 mighty things including healing our land!

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