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Jordon as House Speaker? Rachel of George Mag. LIVE! B2T Show Jan 3, 2022

Show Notes

McCarthy cannot get to 218 votes to become speaker and Jim Jordon gets 19 votes, so the battle for Speaker has begun.

Rick gives his opinion on the deep swamp in the House and wonders if it really matters.  With so many Cabal controlled RINOs, they would never let Jordon win.  God’s hand along with military action will be necessary in Rick’s opinion.

The Jan 6 committee finally ends, but the criminal referals on Trump gives the Justice Department ammunition.  Juan O’Savin believes Trump is almost begging them to attack so they can be exposed that much more.

Rick reviews Julie Green’s latest prophetic word that confirms military tribunals are underway, arrests have been made and they will become public soon.

Rachel, an editor from George Magazine known as Writeside Blonde comes on LIVE and explains how she ended up owning all 57 issues of George Magazine.

She has put up 47 episodes exploring these magazine contents on her YouTube channel and now works with Gene Ho on the contents of the new George Magazine.

Rachel explains many “coincidences” from many past issues of George Magazine including the orgin of the name “George” how some issues pointed toward a virus that would affect the lungs and many more connections to today.

We get to learn about how Rachel met Gene Ho, how she became an editor and what is coming up in future issues.

Backstage Rachel gives us more details on future issues, we learn her thoughts on the Great Awakening and prayer warriors lift her specific family prayer request up to the Lord. You can have access to all the Backstage recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage







Prophetic Word

Jan 3, 2022 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by Rick – TRIBUNALS HAVE STARTED AND WILL SOON BE SEEN

*** For I the Lord this day I’m telling my children to prepare for a great change, a mighty shift, a major shaking that will shake this world in so many to their core. A great war has been fought in the spiritual realm and a mighty war has been fought on earth. A civil war, you would say, has been going on with many unaware of this fight to destroy the power of the beast system over the nations. A war has been going on to break you free from tyranny and out of their control from their fraudulent governments worldwide to usher in the one world system. My children, things have been going on that you have not been fully aware of, to shield you and to shield the world from the whole thing so people would not quit before the war was over. Nothing is over until I say it’s over and nothing is over until you win. ##

*** I will say this again. Military moves have been made, territory has been taken back. Tribunals have started. Judgment and justice is being served, even if you haven’t seen it yet. It doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened. It doesn’t change the fact to what is really going on. Yes, arrests have taken place and who has been arrested already will shock you on who and how many. People have been filling in for others to continue their movie and their charade. My children, all of this is about to come out in the open. That is why I want you to prepare your hearts for the shock that is coming, so that so many are not prepared for. My children, get with me so I can help you, strengthen you, before the dam of lies breaks wide open and the structure is already collapsing as I speak these words. ##

*** So many of my children, again, I remind you to get into my word, to bring you peace and joy because the world’s about to come to a halt and the standstill no one saw coming. A silence some people will not be able to handle. But remember the silence is your victory. Great lengths have to be taken now because of what your enemies have planned is far worse than COVID, far worse than 911. Yes, combine the two and it’s still worse what they were about to try and carry out, but I will say again, this will not succeed. I am stopping them and will not allow them to go as far as they want, but more will be seen to shake the world and to shake my body outta the deep sleep it has been under. My children were deceived into a deep sleep they didn’t even know they were in. Wake up. Now my children wake up my body of Christ, because the world needs my church and my body to be whole, strong, awake, revived, renewed. This is a time for revival and restoration. Even when it looks like the opposite is happening. My children, everything you see is about to change suddenly. There will not be much warning for some. For those of you who are awake and stand and pray to help those who aren’t. These are your marching orders, to pray, be persistent, to be consistent, pursue, overtake, and recover all that has been taken from you sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. ##

Eisenhower, this name will be in your news for a significant reason.

Nixon, this name will be in your news for a surprising reason.

*** JFK, this name will be in your news again for a significant reason. More truth will be revealed on how deep his murder went and how many in your government were involved and why they killed him. Those records will not be sealed and covered up much longer. I’m opening them to show how corrupt this government has been, why and how it has affected you today. The course of this nation will abruptly change sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Filibuster. This word will be in your news for a significant reason.

Sicily, something big is brewing there that will get the world’s attention.

*** Haiti will be in your news also, something happened there that will get the world’s attention. Truth will be revealed what has been hidden there sayeth the Lord. ##

Argentina, I say this name again, will be in your news for surprising reason.

*** Major news is about to break regarding the EU and the UN and how they helped steal this nation for Obama and the globalists, how they were helping China infiltrate this nation, how they have implants in your military and in your government positions. Oh yes, it’s all about to be exposed. ##

A wildfire is about to break out and be in your news, how unusual and how massive it is, and the location is important and you’ll soon see why sayeth the Lord.

*** An eagle will be in your news for a surprising reason. and remember, with this, it’s sign to you My Eagle is soaring again sayeth the Lord. ##

United Emirates will be in your news for a shocking reason.

*** An airline company is about to be exposed and a scandal will consume them. There are many things going on with the airline companies that you don’t know about yet on how the corporate world is connected to so many things you can’t see, but I’m about to show you all that has been going on and everything that has been hidden sayeth the Lord. ##

*** An ambassador is about to be killed and do not believe the reason why. I will show the world what really happened. ##

*** Bengahzi, this name will be in your news once again. All the truths surrounding what happened. It will all be revealed and it’s darker and more sinister than you thought, and justice will be served sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

*** Obama is about to come out and say a very surprising statement. He’s about to give himself away even more now. Desperate times call for desperate measures, you would say. My children, your enemies are getting very desperate right now. The walls are closing in on them. ##

Watch Australia, something significant is about to happen there.

*** My children, a major collapse is coming that will seem to shut down the world. It’s something your enemies have had planned, but it will not go as planned. Shout down their plans now. Shout failure to their plans and defeat, to what they were just about to pull off, they thought. Again, I say stand up and call them all down. Use my authority now more than ever because everything you see is about to be seen no more sayeth the Lord your redeemer. ##


Bible Study

From Christmas issue of George Magazine

13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

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