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Jordon as House Speaker? Rachel of George Mag. LIVE! B2T Show Jan 3, 2022

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McCarthy cannot get to 218 votes to become speaker and Jim Jordon gets 19 votes, so the battle for Speaker has begun.

Rick gives his opinion on the deep swamp in the House and wonders if it really matters.  With so many Cabal controlled RINOs, they would never let Jordon win.  God’s hand along with military action will be necessary in Rick’s opinion.

The Jan 6 committee finally ends, but the criminal referals on Trump gives the Justice Department ammunition.  Juan O’Savin believes Trump is almost begging them to attack so they can be exposed that much more.

Rick reviews Julie Green’s latest prophetic word that confirms military tribunals are underway, arrests have been made and they will become public soon.

Rachel, an editor from George Magazine known as Writeside Blonde comes on LIVE and explains how she ended up owning all 57 issues of George Magazine.

She has put up 47 episodes exploring these magazine contents on her YouTube channel and now works with Gene Ho on the contents of the new George Magazine.

Rachel explains many “coincidences” from many past issues of George Magazine including the orgin of the name “George” how some issues pointed toward a virus that would affect the lungs and many more connections to today.

We get to learn about how Rachel met Gene Ho, how she became an editor and what is coming up in future issues.

Backstage Rachel gives us more details on future issues, we learn her thoughts on the Great Awakening and prayer warriors lift her specific family prayer request up to the Lord. You can have access to all the Backstage recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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