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Jan 6 Lies Continue. Rino’s Exposed. B2T Show May 20, 2021 (IS)

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

The Rinos are being exposed as they support the false flag lies of Jan. 6. They just have not figured out that God is exposing them to the public.

We look into new videos showing more truth of January 6 that contradicts the false narratives the false flag and media tried to portray.

Now we know who the 35 House Rino’s are, and Trump calls them out. However, it looks like this initiative to create a special commission will die in the house.

We review much more news around the America Last movie and significant good news in the culture war as Patriots stand up to fight!

Rick reads a Mark Taylor prophesy where some has been fulfilled and other events are still yet to be fulfilled.

Lastly, we review a Bible Memory verse around iron sharpening iron.

HUGE: MORE VIDEO SURFACES of Capitol Police Waving Protesters Inside, Moving Barricades Aside, Standing By as Protesters Walk In




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Part 27: Pastor Jack & Amir Tsarfati

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Energy Energy Prophecy, December 12, 2016 Mark Taylor


The Spirit of God says, “Energy, Energy, I am releasing new energy. For this new energy that I am releasing will make my America and my lsrael, energy independent. For America and lsrael will now be the top energy producers in the world. This new energy and the technology to capture it, will spring forth from the depths as the volcano erupts from the depths. This is the sign that will be given… a massive volcanic eruption will signal that this is the time for my America and lsrael and the end of the energy corruption. OPEC, your evil regime will no longer be tolerated. You will no longer be needed, for you refuse to listen to my words and have not heeded. For when that ring of fire blows its top, it will be a sign to you that you will lose your stock and the covenant you have with that ring will be lost.”

The Spirit of God says, “You countries that have dominated energy for decades, to move your evil agenda, are charged with this guilt. Your days are numbered and you will say, look how fast this was built. My America and my lsrael wilt be one and because of this, you will be undone. Because of your rage, and the money you made from those countries you manipulated and attacked from within, you will now have to turn to those countries for help on a whim. For your wells will go dry and your finances too, for you will now be fed, from the Red, White, and Blue.”

Bible Study Verse

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

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