Incoming Red Wave! SB2 & Neon Revolt – Qanon Nov 5

Show Notes:

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Minds Whitepaper

SerialBrain2 – Q2417 Decoded: Trump’s Secret Path

Trump Waves Serpent Staff – Halloween 

List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama 

Eyes on #NewQ! PLUS! Adventures in #Canklestan! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

November 5th 2018 Q Discussion

Lawsuit in Pennsylvania says 100,000 non-citizens are registered to vote

Trump Vows Maximum Criminal Penalties for Illegal Voters

THOUSANDS Line Up in the Rain and Cold to See Trump-Rush Limbaugh in Cape Girardeau –8 HOURS Before Rally!

Remember this following the election

Senate Report Reveals Man’s Encounter with Ford 

2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Referred to DOJ 

Trump Looking Into AntiTrust Violations Against Amazon and Other Tech Giants 

How many of you started believing in GOD after going into rabbit hole / Red pill movement from pizzagate and Q?

“These people are stupid” Thanks to SNL, little known war veteran and patriot Dan Crenshaw has now been thrust into the national political stage.

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  • Hi Rick–

    I noticed Shannon’s ACN Services. I’d like to talk with her about helping me network a service I’ve promoted since 2007. I’m affiliated with a group of guys who formerly worked for the finance department for UPS, FedEx and DHL. Since they know the formula used to price out shipping costs, they contract with companies and help them renegotiate contracts from the lowest rate up verses from their current rates down.

    Since a new shipping contract is in place for three years, we get a third of the differential between a client’s current pricing and the new price negotiated with the shipper (Shared savings). I get a sizeable commission for opening doors to new clients and have the authority to bring on new sales reps.

    Our guys renegotiate large shipping contracts. We do ocean, airfreight, LTL, Full truckload, small package, postal, and more. You never know who’s listening to your show!

  • Voted all red. From Indiana. Thanks for all you do.

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