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Hold the Line! Gene DUMBs Update. B2T Show Jan 20, 2021 (IS)

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Hold the Line! The Lord is working in a mighty way and has not forsaken us!

We see 17 flags seeing Trump off and discuss several possibilities of Trump being in control of the government based on the original constitution vs. the corporation and others discussing the military being under control.

Gene then gives us an update on Deep Underground Military Bases being taken out by the white hats. Massive amount of activity showing “The Plan” is still very active!

We end reading key parts of a the Dec 28 Word from the Lord from Amanda Grace showing that the Lord said we would feel pressure in the natural from the spiritual battle. But we learn he is judging and taking down the Cabal and healing America!



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Why Does Fox News REFUSE To Air This Generic Commercial From Mike Lindell?

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Word from the Lord

A Word from the Lord on December 28th, 2020
Hearing Republican and Democrat.
Saw the GIANT head of a rat come out of a small hole.

Praise Be to the Lord God Adonai who is Everlasting! The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. And to His Kingdom, there is no End! Let His name be Glorified!

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day This is a time My children where you will feel the PRESSURE as the Army of the Lord of Hosts is fighting for their God against the Kingdom of darkness. It is a fierce battle however remember My Children I am the one on the throne and Lucifer is not says the Lord. However, you shall feel this pressure in the natural, a concentrated intensity as you see events come forth in the natural as a result of what is being executed in the realm of the Spirit says the Lord

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day right now My children it is so crucial in this hour for you to put on the full armor of God and stand firm in your faith. Be strong and courageous, do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. I the Lord the King of Kings have sent  My angelic army into Washington DC into surrounding areas, surrounding the country of the Eagle as well, as the plans take place and are carried out that will cause the wicked to abandon ship and hang their puppets out to dry as it shall be every man and woman for themselves and will literally step over each other in an attempt to escape what is about to take place. Know I the Lord your God have NOT forsaken the United States of America, I have not forsaken my precious remnant, my flock that has remained steadfast and faithful in a time of great trial, testing, and shaking says the Lord. For I the Lord am shaking to drive what is hidden out of their dark bunkers, their holes, secret offices, and locations, I the Lord God the Righteous Judge am touching down on this land an intense Spirit of Truth and the decrees of accountability and liability have gone forth to now be executed as the reckless, the corrupt, the darkest of men whose hearts have been overshadowed with such darkness and bile that I the Lord in this hour shall begin to strip them of all Lucifer has unlawfully given to them to do his bidding says the Lord of Hosts this day

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day you shall see Purim, a Purim like scenarios begin this month and carry into early 2021 as there will be an escalation that shall bring forth and shall open the gates for a legal flood to begin to purge the courts of this land for they are filthy with unholiness, bribes, many of these supposed judges have emancipated themselves from the laws of the land, from the constitution, and most importantly the laws of Almighty God. And says the Lord of Hosts since there has been an emancipation and they have gone rogue, I the Lord your God shall cause them to fall and carrying into 2021 you shall see MANY judges fall and their cases shall be opened and their hidden briefcases with the blood-money of bribes, verdicts for hire, and illegal contracts shall be exposed as shame shall cover these courts and they shall lose the trust of the people. However, says the Lord of Hosts, there are those Judges I have positioned to carry out Justice, to do My will, to have the boldness and the courage of their conviction to stand firm in the face of threats and intimidation, and I the Lord thy God shall drop the gavel for My verdicts My rulings have already come forth in the realm of the Spirit and are being opened up, the sealed scrolls I the Lord sent forth through My holy Angels, these scrolls are being unsealed and the judgments of men, leaders, facilitators, placators, and those serving the interests of the Kingdom of darkness shall be carried out. I shall uphold the Judges in this hour whose hearts have been searched and found worthy, you shall know them for I the Lord your God am highlighting them in this hour and writing My word on their hearts and filling their spirits with the wisdom that goes forth from MY throne says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, what is impossible with man is possible with God and I the Lord thy God have sent forth My Angelic Army to make a way where there seems to be no (know) way. They are clearing a way, a plan, and a purpose that has come forth from My throne. Do not be afraid my children, do NOT feel all is lost for you serve a mighty God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask or think. I the Lord in this hour shall put on a demonstration in this hour and you will see those switch sides that will be shocking, both Republicans and Democrats, both the elephant and the donkey says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day I am exposing the leaders who are weak in heart and weak in Conviction, who are folding at the slightest delay, who are scrambling to clamor for a very confused and misused puppet in order to save their hides instead of being the pillars of faith and truth in an hour where it is much needed. And by their careless and reckless actions, they are weakening the resolve of those who follow them and making them second guess what I the Lord your God am doing. I the Lord God the Righteous Judge, Elohim, say this day there shall be a wave of disgrace and a discrediting of these leaders as they were concerned more for losing what they have built than for standing truly for the Truth and Will of God. In this hour those who have done such and focused on bringing Glory to My name and the truth from My throne shall be upheld and put in higher positions in order to do the work of their God in the midst of those truly who are walking around and making decisions spiritually blind. However I the Lord your God am bringing forth a powerful move of My Spirit and those placed in Position shall be the vessels for such that will evoke such change for the Kingdom of God and For America, the once beautiful country who has become stained with the crimes, and the blood and the blasphemous acts of the wicked. However, O America, I the Lord am washing your wounds and a cleansing shall come over this land in a way not yet seen, where the people shall be broken from the bonds of the oppression and judgments of men and shall move toward holiness, toward crying out desperately for holiness, for purity for truth for stability, for that light that I created America to be because I the Lord was the light shining forth from it. However, that serpent of old the devil has attempted to put it under a bushel has attempted to extinguish that light completely and turn America into a complete forsaken wasteland of sin. I the Lord God Yahweh have stopped him so short as legally America is not his to take and not his to set up his kingdom as he would love nothing more than to truly cause the complete collapse of America and Israel. However I the Lord your God have said NO YOU WILL NOT YOU SERPENT YOU FALLEN HOST BECAUSE OF GREED FOR THE GLORY YOU SHALL NOT OVERTAKE AMERICA OR ITS BROTHER ISRAEL FOR I THE LORD THY GOD HAVE DECREED IT AND SPOKEN IT FORTH AND THERE IS NO HOST ENTITY OR COURT THAT CAN UNDO WHAT I THE LORD YOUR GOD HAVE SPOKEN THIS DAY.

Brace yourselves says the Lord for there will be a continued shaking as their plans are shaken into dust, the plans of the wicked shall be shaken into dust and will not be put or pieced back together again.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, watch France and watch Mexico says the Lord for there are plants in Mexico being pulled from to attempt to harm this nation and its leadership. There are other countries in the middle east and countries whom you may have believed to be an ally of America that shall show their true colors and agents and be exposed as working with the circle and council of those who want to expedite a new wicked world order.

January shall begin with a bang says the Lord and an execution of a plan that will truly put a blockade in the way of the plans of the wicked moving forth. Watch for more terrorist attacks from within says the Lord as you see a string of events occur meant to destroy evidence and attempt to scare and stop those who truly have found the golden ticket says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day there will be a significant event in NY city in the beginning of 2021 and an event in the capital of NY Albany that is going to set the tone says the Lord of Hosts. And says the Lord of Hosts there will be explosiveness in Washington DC, however, I have sent My angelic army ahead to thwart the plans of the wicked who have no value for life and their own shall now be required of them for their crimes. There will be a loss in the house, a loss of power for one who holds the gavel it’s coming in 2021 for that gavel has been abused and the Athaliah’s and the Delilah’s will be humiliated as their books are opened and shock and awe as their power is shredded and shame covers them.

Yes says the Lord, the high places and their gatekeepers are being torn down as the people of this land cry out to Me and return unto Me and I the Lord shall return unto them, for it is not quite time for the wicked to advance their plans and I the Lord am slowing it down in more ways than one as they shall get stuck and be unable to move forward. They shall be surrounded, trapped and a checkmate shall come forth as you watch Biblical events judgment and rectification hit this land of America. They shall attempt a blitz, however, the one with the ball shall be protected and move forward as I the Lord am making the way and marking those who are truly soldiers for truth says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I am going into the back office and bringing it to the forefront and oh the files that will be found. I the Lord am warning Mitch to stop shaking hands and making agreements with the Rich for this is an hour where those in office shall be made transparent and revealed to the people what has been hidden away in their tents and all will make sense, a Pence for your thoughts says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day what happens in 2021 the historic events will set the groundwork and define events in America for years to come for it shall be a year that begins with dueling leadership and an intense fight, however, you shall see a birth from that which will affect the laws of this land and bring them back to its roots and foundations that they shall not destroy but now shall be their downfall as the constitution is brought to the forefront and the laws carried out so do not be in doubt My children. Do not listen to the derision or the sneers, or the jesters attempting to speak lies in your ear for they shall be just that in the news; jesters, jokesters, their faces shall turn pale and all their secret mail is opened and read as the media shall quiver and shake at what I the Lord your God shall take from the whole lot and pillars of salt they shall become as they long for a Sodom that is being judged. Few will wake up and get out in time for the crimes will be great, they have sealed their fate, and will lose this race of influence they so chose to run, their fun and games shall now turn to pity and shame as the public turns on them with a hostility that destroys their delicacies they have been feasting on at the expense of the people, and now I the Lord your God shall destroy their idols, foolish demons with fools who follow, they are being cast out into darkness where they belong. There shall be a Holy song that is sung by the people across this land as the Glory of God breaks forth like the dawn, first seen a little and then the light breaks forth over the horizon. There shall be an intense pocket of this battle and as you see this My children, speak forth in faith and you shall see that mountain move and goliath fall for David shall not be swayed to shy away from a blasphemous giant who has overstayed and overstepped into territory that is not theirs to claim, all the components of this Goliath shall fall you shall even hear the name My children. So do not look at the giant or Pharaoh’s army in despair for I the Lord your God am here and will for the sake of My children intervene so America can continue to be brought back to what I the Lord have called it to be. Hold steadfast in your faith as you watch Me shake this wicked army into the ground for their plans shall return to dust and not continue to keep the mortal wound open the enemy has inflicted upon America and I the Lord shall begin to close it as I deal with the source of the bleed it shall be revealed and lead to activist groups and members of darkness who sold their souls for a fallible piece of this world.

Get ready, be encouraged and lookup for your redemption and salvation draweth nigh as I the Lord your God lead you in this fight. Thus, sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the everlasting name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ who sits at My right hand Amen and Amen.

Bible Study Verse
Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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