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Historic Cabal Stock Crashes! Gold and Silver will Dominate. B2T Show Jun 23, 2022

B2T Show

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Another prophetic word from Julie Green confirms that the Cabal Stocks will crash and that Gold and Silver will dominate the new financial system.

We also review multiple prophesies about the fall of Jeff Bezos and Amazon as it gets exposed for child trafficking and selling children.

We get good news on the Supreme Court continuing to error on the side of the constitution as it strikes down New York’s restrictions on ceiled carry permits.

The historic Roe vs. Wade decision awaits and should be out within days or at least by the end of next week.

Massive riots are already planned by the Cabal, but God will trawlt their plans to create a civil war.

Rick teaches on Genesis 19 and how the Lord saved Lot on account of Abraham before destroying Sodom and Gomora.

We discuss how compromise destroyed Lot and most of his family.

We then go backstage for an hour of worship that included a praise report form Rick and many others!  We worship and intercede for many.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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