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Hillary’s Fall, Fauci to Leave! Scott McKay LIVE. B2T Show Aug 1, 2022

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Rick B2T empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

A prophetic word shows the Biden Administration will be replaced soon and that we will have an August showdown between the NOW and the Lord.

We see the Democrats and Rhinos losing as Wyoming rejects Liz Cheny and Hispanics leave the party.

Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter, joins us and his contacts are telling him the Elites are planning riots with Antifa/BLM in 17 cities.

Scott is planning on leaving downtown Dallas for his Ranch!

We learn he will be at the ReAwaken tour in Rochester, NY and that he believe the elites will put Trump under House arrest in early September.

We get more insight from Scott backstage on these topics as well as Cirstin W. and his thoughts on the economic war with

We then move into an hour of PraiseNPrayer and hear of more amazing praise reports and then we lift up prayer requests for many.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage




Prophetic Words

8.1.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – AN EXPLOSION OF TRUTH WILL BRING THEM ALL DOWN

JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES Published August 1, 2022

*** For I the Lord this day and telling my children once again, that everything will be okay. Everything you are about to see and here do not be alarmed, do not be afraid. I’m tearing down everything against you and bringing back justice to this nation and the nations around the world. Everything and everyone who has been hiding behind disguises will be revealed for who they really are. Things are coming to a boiling point for your enemies, and it will bring them to their knees. They wanted you to be brought to your knees. They wanted these next few months to destroy you, all of your freedoms and your lives as you know it. The things they had planned against you will shock you once they are revealed to the world. Unsettling things are about to be heard, and many things will start to be exposed to another level than you have seen thus far. A level of intensity you haven’t felt or experienced yet, but this intensity will break your enemies, is breaking their power, their control and their plans. Yes, it’s coming my children and an explosion of truth that will bring them all down. Yes, an explosion of truth that will destroy every lie that held you captive. I am moving against them. My angel armies are against them. Your enemies will always lose, so don’t lose heart at what is coming. Don’t believe their lies and don’t believe in their power. Shout, my children, shout them all down. You are destroying their power and rattling Hell’s gates and any power they have given your enemies. Their power has been stripped away by the shed blood of Jesus. This is an illusion of what they wanted to be true. It’s all a lie and nothing will stop these truths from coming in these days. ##

*** People are moving into their positions now for the final showdown against the one-world government. You will soon start to see the military action and the military movements more and more. Do not fear these moves. They are to take your country back and tear the power away from your enemies sayeth the Lord, ##

*** The airlines will be in the news more and more. Cancellations will be excessive. This phrase will be in the news. What is going on? People will ask. Grounded. This word will be heard because I’m clearing the sky’s above you. My children, it is needed for what is about to happen next. ##

*** Arrogant moves your enemies are making you will see, but don’t be moved. They will fall flat and will not succeed. Laugh. My children, you will see them fail over and over again. People will tell on each other, and it’ll become comical to the world and how bad everything is turning out for this clown show you have seen trying to run this nation. The clown on center stage is about to be revealed. So be prepared to see this take place. It will be sudden and almost too hard to believe what you are seeing. Your enemies can’t cover this up with a lie. They’ve been caught in a trap with no way to escape sayeth the Lord. ##

*** Capture. This word will used a lot in the coming days. Videos I’ve been talking about. My children are coming to prove to the world what they had done to all of you, and they will have no way to get out of it. All the world elites is fraudulent government and your news media and everyone that was used will be exposed. ##

Disintegrated, this word will be in your news.

Disgraceful. This word we used in your news for a surprising reason.

*** Hillary Clinton will be in your news big time. They will let her fall to try to save Obama and what is coming out about him. But with them trying to save him many more will be exposed. They can’t stop this freight train coming against them, and they definitely can’t stop my hand or my plans from taking place sayeth the Lord of Hosts. ##

Wrangled. This word will be used in an unusual way in your news.

Egelston (sp?). This name will be in your news.

Harboring. This word will be used in your news.

*** Something is about to hit this fake and fraudulent government. Oh yes. Shockwaves will begin to intensify and everything they hid against you is now all coming to the surface. ##

*** Fauci will suddenly walk away sooner than expected, but that’s not the last you’ll see of him. Someone has all the proof they need to take him out once and for all. Fauci, you are finished saith the Lord. ##

Carpenter, this word will be in your news.

Designated. I say this word again, Watch and see why this word is so important and what is being spoken in the news about it.

Cannibalism, this word will be in your news.

Authorities are on the prowl. This phrase will be in your news.

Extraordinary events. This phrase will also be in your news.

*** Watch a volcano will errupt that people believed was not active. This will show my words are not only true, but that scientists don’t know as much as I think they do. T;hings naturally are changing weather, yes, but many things will look unnatural or unusual. The shift of change has begun. ##

Nazarene this word will be in your news.

Colbert. This name will be in your news.

*** Exposures will continue to bring them down. Every lie is being revealed. My children pray over your constitution and your constitutional rights. In this time, your enemies are trying everything to shred it on their way out. But remember who really gave this nation life and who gave the constitution to you. It wasn’t man. It was inspired and told to a man by me. I knew in this day what your enemies wanted to do to kill this nation, even since the birth of it. Your adversaries have wanted to bring it down, but they never got what they wanted back then, and they won’t now. They tried to stop the constitution from being written. They couldn’t, and they can’t take it down or destroy it, sayeth the Lord. ##

*** My children, it’s working. Continue to call them down and continue to stand. You are about to see these enemies no more, and you don’t have to wait long. It’s not a long process. No, I have my hand, I will move my hand at the perfect and just like that, they’re all gone. Things are moving in the right direction. Moves are being made, so keep rejoicing and keep celebrating. Your enemies, never win, and I am guaranteed every victory for you sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##




Bible Teaching

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.

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