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Hillary’s Fall, Fauci to Leave! Scott McKay LIVE. B2T Show Aug 1, 2022

B2T Show

Rick B2T empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

A prophetic word shows the Biden Administration will be replaced soon and that we will have an August showdown between the NOW and the Lord.

We see the Democrats and Rhinos losing as Wyoming rejects Liz Cheny and Hispanics leave the party.

Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter, joins us and his contacts are telling him the Elites are planning riots with Antifa/BLM in 17 cities.

Scott is planning on leaving downtown Dallas for his Ranch!

We learn he will be at the ReAwaken tour in Rochester, NY and that he believe the elites will put Trump under House arrest in early September.

We get more insight from Scott backstage on these topics as well as Cirstin W. and his thoughts on the economic war with

We then move into an hour of PraiseNPrayer and hear of more amazing praise reports and then we lift up prayer requests for many.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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