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God’s Justice Coming for Merrick. Clary Clark LIVE! B2T Show Jun 21, 2022

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Blessed2Teach empowers Patriot Christians with truth!

A prophetic word against Merrick Garland is received by Julie Green for the 3rd time.

Rick reviews these 3 prophetic words including prophecies about God coming after him, being found for treason and that he will not be living by year end!

The word talks about us taking authority in Jesus and resisting the enemies plans!

Clay Clark comes on LIVE and give over 30 truth bombs in less than 30 mintues!

This includes the truth about COVID, vaccines, patnents, Google, Cern, and many other topics!

Then we go Backstage with Clay and get even more truth bombs and we have Q&A and some wonderful prayer time for Clay’s protection and amplification of his voice.  You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backsatage







6.20.22 Highlighted Julie Green Prophetic Word – I AM CHANGING IT ALL

And here is the prophetic word. I am changing it all. I heard this word on June 17th,

***For I the Lord this day, command my children to get up from your places of despair and defeat, those dark places your enemy has kept you, enslaved you in with such bondage. No, my children, you are no longer slaves. The Lord has brought your enemies to nothing and destroyed his power over you. He can no longer hold you, so break free from those chains, my children, break free with a name and the blood of Jesus Christ. What he did on the cross and what he did to destroy the power of hell on this earth against you. Get this revelation. Now your enemy is a loser. He is defeated and see him that way. See him under your feet. See him as small as he is. You are bigger and have more power than he does because I am on the inside of you always. Remember that I go where you go. I am always with you. Don’t do things on your own and your own strength and ability. No, that is how the world lives live. Live as a child of the most high God should live in this world, but not of this world. No longer settle for second best or for their sicknesses, debt, their bondage, they have kept you in. I have said, let my people go, and those words are still at work today, and the manifestation of it, the world will soon see. So get up now with my word, my children, and arise higher than your circumstances. They can no longer hold you hostage when you know the truth, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer. ##

Ezra, this name will be in your news.

Mount Ariat will be in your news, watch the sign. It will show an explosion, and that is about to take place politically as well. And it will be great.

***Obama will come back yet again and spew more lies with his arrogance. He actually thinks you believe these words, and he truly believes he’s in control of the United States of America, and also that he will control the rest of the world. Little does he know what’s about to take place against him and all who are with him, sayeth the Lord. ##

*** Again, my children, I am warning you, they want to cause anarchy in your streets to fill your cities, and do not fear these moves. My hand is moving against it all, so take authority over your cities and your states, and what they wanted will not succeed. ##

Elizabeth, this name will be in your news and truth will prevail in every situation.

Adeline. This name will also be in your news.

*** Freemasonry. This organization and secret society will be ripped apart. Exposures will plauge them and a well known person who was once a part of them will come out against them and expose them all. This whistleblower is protected by me sayeth the Lord of hosts. Illuminati. Oh, you think you are the enlightened ones. You are so smart and so high powered and wealthy that you will escape judgment. You think your plans will go the way you want them, but I’m already tearing them apart in front of you and your secret societies and your power, your influence, I will move my hand fully against you. When I am done, it will be like you never existed. Look at Pharaoh. That will be all of you. You thought you were so smart, you could escape it all, and you could outsmart me and you’ll find out on the most high God and not one of you will escape my judgment sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

Again. I say Istanbul will be in your news. Look, to see what they are saying. It’s not how it seems to be at all will be uncovered.

*** Rats will be in the news, but not the kind of rats you are thinking of these rats were hiding in plain sight, stealing your freedoms and your countries from you. I’ll expose them all. Even the ones who are trying to hide who they really are. They will soon find out every dark corner I am shining my light and to expose all the dark and dirty secrets and their betrayals and their schemes and their plans they made against you. I will assume put names and faces on center stage for the whole world to see who all took part in such tyranny. ##

Abbott. This name will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Unusual rainstorm will hit a country that doesn’t ever see this much rain. They will describe it as historic and unprecedented sayeth the Lord.

***China will get hit with hailstones like never before. For judgment will hit them for the world to see. I’m moving my hand to stop their next moves against this earth. They want full control and they will never get it. I am bringing them to their knees like Egypt, never to regain their finance or power financially again. ##

A famous Isaiah will be in your news.

Aphrodite. This unusual name will be in your news for unusual reason, to expose a lies and truth shall prevail.

Howard stern will be in your news and his comments will surprise many.

Micah. This name will also be in your news.

A rumbling is brewing in Hollywood that will soon be revealed and felt by many.

***A change is coming my children that will change the course of your lives. So change your words and change your actions. My word will lead you and guide you in the right direction that you should go. I will not leave you and this earth the way things are. No, I am changing it all sayeth the Lord of hosts. ##

*** A military will be seen rearing their ugly heads and threatening the world. Do not listen. This is just a distraction and a tactic to bring the world to its knees because of fear. This war will not happen yet. Their plans will not succeed and their power will be destroyed. ##

***A well-known politician will come out of hiding and will shock the country with what side they are on and are standing up for. Many people who thought we’re on one side, we’re actually on another. ##

*** A major Government Official is about step down, suddenly. Someone, no one thought would walk away. Well they didn’t by choice. ##

***Merrick Garland. The truth is coming for you with nowhere for you to hide. Great embarrassments you shall endure and justice will be served sayeth the Lord. ##

***My United States, shockwaves will hit state-by-state. Truth shall rock your nation. Remember I have said before, your enemies are trying to divide because a house abided against itself cannot stand, but your name oh, United States is prophetic and this country will be united like never before despite all the efforts against this nation to tear it apart. This nation will rise out of the ashes to a greater and stronger, more powerful nation the world has ever seen. ##

***Your enemies will try and stop you from celebrating your independence day, but it shall not work. Celebrate your freedoms like never before, my children. It’s almost over my children. This Babylonian system is a bout to fall along with everyone controlling it. Stand up for truth and tear down those lies against you. Show them who is the one on the inside of you who will never leave you nor forsake you. I am the most high God and the world is about to see that is still true sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. ##




December 13, 1971: What Exactly is Roe v. Wade?





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