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God’s COVID Sting on Fauci! Lois Vogel-Sharp LIVE! B2T Show Oct 5, 2022

Show Notes

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God allowed COVID to happen the way it has as a trap and setup so that Fauci and the Medical Cartel would be completely exposed.

Julie Green’s prophetic word states that the Lord will expose every doctor, every hospital, every Government and every scientist that was involved!

Rick also points everyone to the “Prophesies Fulfilled” Telegram channel that is posting 50-60 posts of news each day pointing to partially or fully fulfilled prophecies:

We also see that the CIO of Konnech,  a US election Company who is suing True the Vote, was arrested due to data being stored on Chinese servers!

We also learn that the Biden administration is trying to hide who is visiting Joe from the Biden’s Delaware residence.

Lois Vogel-Sharp joins the show live and she tells her story about how God called her to the prophetic.

She gives us an update on a prophesy from yesterday where God said the economic collapse and food storage will be very bad.  However, his remnant will shine with his Glory!

Lois also shares several stories about her family and how her 3rd baby, a son, was born but was dead before Jesus saved him.

The Lord told her Trump would win in 2016 and although she thought he would win in 2020, she sees back in her words that the Lord warned her that if Biden won the White House it would be his demise!

Lois encourages us to be bold and fight this spiritual battle.  We are the Latter Rain/Reign and we are going to see massive miracles!

After Rick prays for Lois, they go Backstage and Lois gets a word from the Lord, tells us how she met Bo Polny and encourages everyone with her insight.

The Backstage crew showers her with prayers and refreshing before we celebrate communion and the end of Yom Kippur and blow our shofars.

You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:




Prophetic word

Oct 4, (Received Sep 29) 2022 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by Rick – THEIR HOUSE OF CARDS ARE COMING DOWN

** For I the Lord this day am about to show mankind that I am the Great I Am. I am changing governments. I am changing the core systems. I’m changing unjust laws. I’m changing the churches. I’m changing the economy. I’m changing this world system in a way no man could have ever thought it up on their own. I am doing this to show you my children, that I am the God in my written word. I am doing this to prove to those who don’t believe I exist, to show them I do. I am doing this for revival. I’m doing this for freedom and to deliver you from a system that held you captive without knowing it. I am your provider and I will show you that I do what I say I will do, and I keep my promises. I am bringing back debt freedom. I am bringing back health and wholeness you have never known before because your enemy’s poisoned you and they kept you sick in their system to control you and to control the population. The evil they have brought upon this earth and how they control mankind is far worse than you realize. They controlled your health,your wealth, your children, your governments, your education system, your food and it supplies. They control their businesses they use in multiple ways to manipulate, to steal and to kill you. My children, many things have been hidden will be hidden no more. I’m exposing it all, and it’s now that time for exposures and eruptions of truth that will shatter your enemy’s plans and the ground where they try to stand against me will shake and quake beneath their feet. I the Lord am telling my children, this is a time that many will question me. They will question if I exist, if I care or if I will deliver, or if I will judge, or if I will do anything to change this coming darkness that will prove to be too much for some who weren’t listening to these warnings. But to my remnant it will be a joyous time with me. My glory will fill your homes. My glory will heal, restore, multiply, set you completely free and it will bring back what has been stolen from you. Everything the system has stolen will be given back. Get ready to receive my outpouring of anointing that will completely set you free. It’s coming, my children, it’s coming, and it’s bigger than you could have imagined and sooner than you think. It’s time for my glory sayeth the Lord your redeemer. ##

Aromatic. I say this word again, will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Dogmatic. I say this word again will also be in your news and not for what you think.

*** Hurricanes are coming more in this hour my children, and I know you will ask why Lord. It’s stirring up the Atlantic. Something in those waters was being used against you and you will see it because I will expose it. But some of these storms were manmade to cause havoc and destruction along with devastation. But remember my children, these are the days of Haman. They meant this for you and it will expose and destroy them. I told you, I’m your protector and your deliverer sayeth the Lord. Fear not for I am always with you. ##

*** Biblical. This word will continuously be in your news, showing how things are extreme and unusual, that Biblical will be the word to use to describe what you see sayeth the Lord. ##

A cylinder will be in your news for an unusual reason.

The tropic of Capricorn will be in your news.

*** Walt Disney and the entire corporation will continue to be exposed, and you haven’t heard anything yet. This company is far worse than you realized, but more and more whistleblowers will come forward with proof that will take down Disney and great judgment will hit all of those who took part in this company’s heinous crimes. It is time for big names to fall. No more hiding, no more suppressing the truth. I the Lord, I will reveal at all. ##

Hitchcock. This name will be in your news for a surprising reason.

Walderman, this name will also be in your news.

A famous mountain range will be in your news and the reason will surprise you.

*** A congressman is about to step down. A scandal will plague this man and there will be no hiding or denying what they have done. This fall will be great and with this fall there will be many more that we caught up in the scandal and many more will be forced to step down along with him. Their house of cards are coming down sayeth the Lord Of Hosts. ##

*** Covid was a trap and a setup. Everything about Covid will be exposed. Many people died and shouldn’t have. They planned mass casualties so they allowed people to die when things weren’t going the way they wanted it to. I will expose every doctor, every hospital, every government official, every scientist that was behind it all and some names may surprise you sayeth the Lord. ##

Hepatitis. This word I I say again will be in your news.

*** I say this again, a great storm is upon your enemies and it is stopping plans they had in place that would’ve devastated this world. Many things have happened behind the scenes to stop them from mass casualties and mass murderers. I told you my children, I am doing things you had no idea that I was doing that you haven’t seen yet. But I am uncovering it all, and so you can see who all has been against you. Be prepared for some people you would never have guessed betrayed you and this nation. ##

*** I’m exposing the Masons and who they really are. I’m exposing the Illuminati in who they really are. I’m exposing the Secret Societies and who was a part of it all to bring down not only this nation, but countries around the world. How they were using Hollywood and athletes to help dece people and lead them into believing such filth was actually true. Weasels, wolves in sheep’s clothing, liars, fornicators murderers, treasonous snakes, you will see it, and it’ll be hard to believe who is all a part of this massive plan against you oh, United States. But I, the Lord, I’m shaking you loose from the chains and from the task masters and this nation will help other nations fight for the freedom and great victories and great celebrations will take place. But my children, this is a time of great change, of a great darkness and a great silence and a great battle. So be prepared for this time where everything changes and your Great Exodus is at hand. So get into my presence like never before. I will give you peace, joy, and rest like you have never known sayeth the Lord Your Redeemer! ##