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God’s COVID Sting on Fauci! Lois Vogel-Sharp LIVE! B2T Show Oct 5, 2022

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God allowed COVID to happen the way it has as a trap and setup so that Fauci and the Medical Cartel would be completely exposed.

Julie Green’s prophetic word states that the Lord will expose every doctor, every hospital, every Government and every scientist that was involved!

Rick also points everyone to the “Prophesies Fulfilled” Telegram channel that is posting 50-60 posts of news each day pointing to partially or fully fulfilled prophecies:

We also see that the CIO of Konnech,  a US election Company who is suing True the Vote, was arrested due to data being stored on Chinese servers!

We also learn that the Biden administration is trying to hide who is visiting Joe from the Biden’s Delaware residence.

Lois Vogel-Sharp joins the show live and she tells her story about how God called her to the prophetic.

She gives us an update on a prophesy from yesterday where God said the economic collapse and food storage will be very bad.  However, his remnant will shine with his Glory!

Lois also shares several stories about her family and how her 3rd baby, a son, was born but was dead before Jesus saved him.

The Lord told her Trump would win in 2016 and although she thought he would win in 2020, she sees back in her words that the Lord warned her that if Biden won the White House it would be his demise!

Lois encourages us to be bold and fight this spiritual battle.  We are the Latter Rain/Reign and we are going to see massive miracles!

After Rick prays for Lois, they go Backstage and Lois gets a word from the Lord, tells us how she met Bo Polny and encourages everyone with her insight.

The Backstage crew showers her with prayers and refreshing before we celebrate communion and the end of Yom Kippur and blow our shofars.

You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here: