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The B2T Show

Ghislaine & Omicron Updates! Tesla Tech Discussion. B2T Show Nov 29, 2021

The B2T Show

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Ghislaine is on trial, but is the Deep State on both the defense and prosecution?  Is the judge an Obama judge?

Rick also announces that the 70% Cyber Monday is extended until midnight Tuesday for a sample of every Quantum Energy solution:

Many believe the trial may reveal the “customers” of Epstein.  The trail is expected to be 6 weeks long, so there is still much to be revealed (or covered up).

Omnicron is now being used as the next Deep State tool to create fear and take individual liberties away.

In naming the variant, they skipped the next letter of the Greek Alphabet, Xi, to protect any association with China.

Rick also discusses Tesla technology that re-energizes water.

We review updates on the Waukesha parade massacre that CNN claims it was caused by “a car” that drove through parade.

We finish with a Proverb about tasting and seeing the Lord is good and about taking refuge in the Lord.

Kent Henry comes on and signs an impromptu song about the verse before we cross over for an hour of PraiseNPray Backstage.  This is Backstage every Monday and Thursday.  You can join Backstage here:

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