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George Bush Scandal! Amazon Exposed. Bianca Gracia LIVE. B2T Show Aug 3, 2022

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Will the 911 “Great Scandal” be revealed to the world?  A prophetic word from this morning seems to point to this!

We also learn the evil of Amazon will be exposed where they planned to take over the supply chain, increase prices and control the world economies with this monopoly.

Bianca Gracia comes on LIVE and we get to hear her awesome testimony!

Don’t miss how God used a stay at home Catholic mom to wake up many Pastors and hold them accountable to truth.

Bianca’s boldness and testimony moved 100s of Hispanic Pastors to become emboldened and help create a huge movement of free thought among Hispanics.

New polls show only 50% continue to identify as Democrats! A huge movement showing the awakening to the evil of the policical parties.

Bianca is now launching a new initiative to find “Debrah’s” and train them up to be active for the Lord in elected offices across the country.

She also shares her visitation she had with Jesus and how this has emboldened her even more as she moves on to her new mission.

Rick prays for Bianca and we go Backstage for some quick Q&A and the Backstage prayer warriors lift her up in prayer and Lois gives her a special mantel from the Lord.

You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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