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Gene Decode! South Africa & the NWO. Part 2. B2T Show Feb 20, 2021 (IS)

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Gene outlines how the NWO controls much of South Africa and digs into the specific locations of underground bases.

This decode shows earthquakes at specific depths and likely tunnel systems between underground bases.

We discover many locations with Cabal symbols above ground that are entry points into the underground bases.

We end with a scripture describing how the thief wants to steal, kill and destroy, but how Jesus gives us life and gives it to the full!




Fire above Deer Park under control



Gene’s Decode

A quick look at the recent Cabal Connections Former President FW de Klerk with George Soros

Former President Nelson Mandela

Winnie Mandela divorced Nelson Mandela soon after he was released from prison. Was he the real Nelson Mandela?

The Mandela Effect

Some say Nelson Mandela died in his cell at the age of 67 on the 8th of May 1985, hence the 67 minutes to help the less fortunate every year. Many knew that Gibson Makanda “also” died in his prison cell.
Who-is-gibson-makanda-nelsons-alternate-in- the-mandela-effect-conspiracy-theory

Globally, the media announced that Mandela had hung himself in his cell on Robben Island, they aired his hanging body being taken down from a sheet in his prison cell (cell no. 46664) on TV

in September 1985. Many people watched the funeral of Mandela with his wife Winnie walking through Soweto on the arm of Bishop Tutu.
South African’s were told that there were massive riots after his death, everyone was told to stay in their homes and a curfew was put in place. Following this event, the media made life terrifying in South Africa, the USA and global sanctions became unbearable. One year later the media announced globally that Mandela was being released from prison and was the next President.
Mandela AIDS charity announces benefit concert where a group of local and international musicians would perform at a concert in Johannesburg to raise money for his 46664 AIDS charity.

Nelson Mandela with Hillary & Chelsea Clinton

Nelson Mandela with David Rockefeller

Nelson Mandela with Bill Gates

President Cyril Ramaphosa with George Soros

President Cyril Ramaphosa with Hillary Clinton

President Cyril Ramaphosa with Bill Gates

Mining Giant Harry Oppenheimer (17th cousin removed to Queen Victoria on his mother side) with President Cyril Ramaphosa


Masonic Connections

Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela & Duke of Gloucester, Thabo Mbeki (former VP of ZA), Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jacob Rothschild, FW de Klerk (former President of ZA), George Soros, Cyril Ramaphosa (current President of ZA).
Link :

Nelson-mandela-thabo-mbeki- desmond-tutu-all-freemasons
List of 23 prominent South African deaths during 2020 and 2021 from CV or suicide. (Detail will be in the show notes).
Link :

South-african-political- figures-who-have-succumbed-to-covid-19-in-2020
Also see for 251 prominent resignations in South Africa.
Zindzi Mandela (Ambassador to Denmark) – Jul 2020 – CV
⦁ ANC MP Nomvuzo Francisca Shabalala – Dec 2020 – CV
⦁ Former Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Mongameli Bobani – Nov 2020 – CV
⦁ United Democratic Movement (UDM) Deputy National Chairperson Mncedisi Filtane – Dec 2020 – CV
⦁ North West’s Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs MEC Gordon Kegakilwe – Jul 2020 – CV
⦁ In the Western Cape, Langeberg Mayor Henry Jansen – Jul 2020 – CV
Ricardo Mthembu, an MPL and former mayor of KwaDukuza – Jul 2020 – CV
⦁ Buffalo City’s council speaker Alfred Mtsi – Jul 2020 – CV
⦁ ANC MP Martha Mmola, who served as a permanent delegate to the National Council of Provinces – Jul 2020 – CV
⦁ ANC MP Zamuxolo Joseph Peter, a member of parliament’s portfolio committee on tourism – Jul 2020 – CV
⦁ Northern Cape Education MEC McCollen Ntsikelelo Jack – Aug 2020 – CV
Prince Lethukuthula Zulu – Sep 2018 – possible murder
Queen Noloyiso Sandile – Jul 2020 – CV
Jackson Mthembu, Minister in the Presidency – Jan 2021 – CV
⦁ Member of the National Assembly, Nomvuzo Shabalala – Dec 2020 – CV
⦁ KwaZulu Natal Provincial Administrator Thobsi Ngubane – Dec 2020 – CV
⦁ Mayor of Umlalazi Comrade Jeke Zulu – Dec 2020 – CV
⦁ Chairperson of the Veterans Baba Dlomo – Dec 2020 – CV
⦁ Former Deputy Mayor of eThekwini Mama Nomvuzo Shabalala – Dec 2020 – CV
20. Dr Arthi Ramkissoon (Founder & CEO, KZN Children’s Hospital Trust) Right – Jan 2021 – CV
⦁ Former provincial deputy secretary Mluleki Ndobe (The Black Mamba) – Nov 2020 – Suicide
⦁ KwaZulu Natal transport MEC Bheki Ntuli – Jan 2021 – CV
⦁ Casting director Moonyeenn Lee – Jul 2020 – CV


Red dots – 10km Earthquakes in 2021
Yellow dots – 10km Earthquakes in 2020 (not all)
Blue lines – Submarine Tunnels
White lines – MAGLEV Tunnels
Yellow lines – Under Ocean Facilities


Cape Town – the Heart of South Africa
Cape Town is the first port of entry into Africa from Antarctica. This allows for an easy supply line as various ships which pass from West to East and vice versa.
Earthquakes and tunnels at 10km

1. =Table Mountain

33.9668° S, 18.4256° E
Bottom: Cape Town Stadium (eye of Horus) and Ports Authority
Devils Peak
Table Mountain
Lions Head and Signal Hill

View of Cape Town from above – a pentagram links Devils Peak, Table Mountain, Lions Head, Signal Hill and the “star” Fort of Good Hope.

Table Mountain – Deer Park

Fire above Deer Park under control


Lightning strike in September 2020

Tunnel going up in Table Mountain WW2 8mm gun site


The Woodhead Tunnel takes the shortest route through
Table Mountain, emerging in Slangolie (Snakeoil) Ravine

Inside Woodhead Tunnel


Underground Tunnel Tours

Good Hope Adventures opens up a ‘Top Secret Underground Tour’ which sees participants exploring an abandoned underground network, interrogation chamber, bunkers and escape passages.
Link to video :


Link to website:
Underground- tunnel-tours-in-cape-town

Hidden Vaults (springs) in Table Mountain

Inside the entrance is a small passageway which leads to a
bubbling spring with 20l per second.


Abandoned Vredehoek Tin Mine from 1910
(5) Abandoned Mine // Table Mountain // South Africa // VLOG_087 – YouTube

2. =Devils Peak

33.9549° S, 18.4395° E
Known as the monument that honours corruption. It derives its name through a man called Van Hunks who was challenged to a smoking match with the devil. The residents have tried to change its name since the early 1900’s.
Rhodes Memorial and the University of Cape Town in the same vicinity where the lightning struck in September 2020.

Woodstock Cave at Devil’s Peak

3. =University of Cape Town

33.9577° S, 18.4612° E

University of Cape Town from above – see pentagram

4. =Castle of Good Hope (A star fort)

33.9260° S, 18.4281° E

Situated in the City Centre of Cape Town which served as a fort to protect the area from incoming ships. Dutch East India Company oversaw the construction of the Castle of Good Hope in 1666.

Star Forts around the world:-
Aerial-views-that- prove-why-star-forts-are-so-beautiful

The Fifth Element Pentagram

Inner Entrance to Castle of Good Hope

Outer Entrance to Castle of Good Hope

5. =V&A Waterfront

Further toward the portside is Table Bay Hotel and the One and Only Hotel – V&A Waterfront, Sun International (built by deceased Sol Kerzner – a frequent flyer on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”), located on the water’s edge, remained closed until November 2020.
Various Hollywood artists performed at his famous Sun City / Lost City resort in the North West Province.

Overhead view of Table Bay Hotel and shopping complex

6. = The One and Only Hotel

Aerial View of The One and Only Hotel (Eye of Horus)

7. =Silo Hotel

Art inside the hotel – Dragon hanging from the ceiling.

Looks like Cloning Capsules

8. = Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel

Only opened early December 2020 also located in the city centre 76 Orange Street, Cape Town

9. =Cape Town Harbour

“Green” containers form a line to the ocean tunnel coming from
the South.


10.=Cape Town Mediclinic

Shaped like a teddy bear

11.=Canal Walk

Dragons on mall floor, lions at entrance gate and long pointed structures on the exit bridge

The Vesuvian Man in the Mall

Intaka Island next to Canal Walk

12. =Century City Square,

33.8949° S, 18.5044° E
Building in the shape of an eye in the middle of the square.

The satanic church is also located in Century City.
Satanic-church- closed-to-public-to-protect-high-profile-worshipers-says-co-founder

12.=Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Blood donations drives are frequently held at the hospital.

Bible Memory Verse
John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have comethat they may have life, and have it to the full.

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