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Gene Decode on Underground Bases. Northern/Eastern Cape. B2T Show Mar 11, 2021 (IS)

Show Notes

Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Gene Decode is in the house giving us an update and a decode on underground bases in Northern/Easter Cape in Africa.

Before the decode we get an update from Gene on various DUMBs being taken out across the world.

We learn of all kinds of other underground bases in both Northern and Eastern Cape including the infamous island that is similar to Epstein’s island.

Rick and Gene then discuss how anons need to focus on the Cabal and stop attacking each other.

We end with a scripture about false prophets and how we need to “test the spirits”!!

wikiwand Kimberley,_Northern_Cape

LOOK: NC municipal building engulfed in flames eastern-cape-xhosa-cattle-killing

Phillip’s Tunnel and Gamtoos Irrigation Scheme 2020-05-15-african-swine-fever-kills-200-pigs-in-amathole mzimvubu-water-project-key-to-unlocking-country-11606609 2018-08-13-bird-island-child-abuse-the-truth-will-set-us-free/ 2018-08-15-a-bullet-to-the-head–three-suicides-and-the-apartheid-bird-island-paedophile-ring

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Gene Decode


The Northern Cape is situated in the north-west corner of South Africa. Although it is the largest of the nine provinces, it has the smallest population because the area is very dry.

Earthquakes & Tunnels at 10km

1= Beeshoek Mining area (Postmasburg)

28°17’9.60″S, 22°58’37.20″E – Showing earthquakes at 10km in 2021 – Open mine works

Road to nowhere

Near Postmasburg

Airport near Postmasburg

Near Swartkoppies – owl figure 


28°46’36.81″S / 24°47’27.65″E Kimberly Diamond mine owned by the De Beer Mining company.,_Northern_Cape


The Diggers Memorial was erected in honour of diggers past and present.  This fountain you will find in the Ernest Oppenheimer Gardens. The gardens are a memorial to the late Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, a mining magnate.


Diamonds from all over South Africa are sorted daily inside this building. Since diamonds are best sorted by gentle natural light, the building has windows only on the south side to prevent direct sunlight from entering. The building is not open to the public.


28°46’16.18″S/ 24°43’8.15″E


28°44’42.21″S / 24°42’41.95″E –


27°45’19.09″S / 22°58’53.51″E

Map showing earthquakes at 10km

Sishen Mine produces high grade hemitite ore. When Chinese also migrated to Phuket, and mainly to Kathu, in search of a better life, many of them finding work in the then-booming tin mining industry.

27°38’59.36″S/23° 0’10.88″E Sishen airport

7. =Bushman’s Cave

27.55S, 22.38E

West of Sishen, there is a vertical cave that is acclaimed as being the sixth-deepest submerged cave in the world, also known as a sinkhole.

8= Sinkhole near Kuruman

Sinkhole threatening to swallow the R31 between Danielskuil and Kuruman



North of the sinkholes, there is flowing water into the cave, moving to an underground reservoir further beneath the surface.

One can move further through the narrow cave passageway, discovering a larger cave chamber and another 1m wide connecting passageway.

This is an opening into the “ancient” cavity.  Wonderwerk is one of fewer than five sites worldwide with evidence of human occupation nearly 2 million years old.


SEVERAL sections of the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality building in Kuruman were destroyed by a fire. The blaze, which started at around 4.30pm on Wednesday, 1 October 2020, was described as “too strong” for firefighters to save parts of the building.


Bisho is the capital of the Eastern Cape


1856 – The legend goes that in order for the Xhosa people (indigenous to Eastern Cape) to enter a new world without disease and misfortune they had to sacrifice their cattle. Governor Grey tried to dissuade many into not killing their cattle.  They also believed that the Russians were going to be saviours.  Many turned to witchcraft thereafter and famine ensued.

The Eastern Cape is home to more witchdoctors (Sangomas) than anywhere in the country.

Port Elizabeth

1= Livingstone Hospital

2= Donkin Reserve

33°57’41.75″S, 25°37’14.32″E

Donkin Hill Pyramid and Lighthouse

Birds eye view of Donkin Hill Pyramid a snake path leading up to the pyramid, near to the Port Elizabeth harbour.

The Rod of Asclepius is an ancient Greek symbol associated with medicine, consisting of a serpent coiled around a rod. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Asclepius was the god of medicine and healing, and whose cult involved the use of snakes.

3 =Near Bethelsdorp

-33.88753308, 25.49786825

Possible entrance – no detail on any maps.

Smartie Town, Port Elizabeth

5= Mercantile Hospital

6. = Nelson Mandela Bay University


St Albans Correctional facility

33°54’15.21″S / 25°20’45.39″E Prison owl symbol


7. =Phillip Tunnel

Situated near a town called Hankey, this tunnel is no longer in use because of irrigation canals crisscrossing the valley but it has been declared a national monument as the Phillips Tunnel is the oldest irrigation tunnel in South Africa.


The Maitland Mines are several disused lead mines located on the Maitland River near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. There are records of ore analyses from these deposits dating back to 1782 or 1792. This lead mine is disused and is located in the Maitland Nature Reserve.


(Gibralter Rock) Fish River sun is the shape of a reptile.

10= Hogsback in the Amathole Mountain Range

Eco shrine

It is said that Hogsback is a thin place (a fine line between astral and earth).  In folklore some believe that Inkanyamba (the snake in the sky) was responsible for a tornado that claimed many lives in December 1995.

32°36’10.51″S  26°55’3.33″E The Labyrinth in Hogsback

Kuru – not only a human disease?

African swine fever kills 200 pigs in Amathole region


 China was keen to invest in Port St Johns which lies on the wild coast (Indian Ocean) in the Eastern Cape – submarine access to Lesotho

The Mzimvubu River has its source in the northern region of the province, in the area of Matatiele and Mount Fletcher near the Lesotho border. The river then flows into the Indian Ocean at Port St Johns.


31°36’26.61″S  29°31’28.29″E

Massive airport on hill near Port St Johns

12. =Bird Island

33 50’S, 26 17’E (off the coast of Port Elizabeth)

Three National Party members, Magnus Malan, John Wiley and Barend du Plessis were involved in trafficking operations during the 1980’s. Now we know it was not an isolated incident?

Mark Minnie was former police officer who devoted his life to investigate elite pedophile sex rings. He co-wrote the book The Lost Boys of Bird Island.

The book sent shockwaves through the country. As it detailed their investigation into the elite pedophile sex ring that operated during apartheid. The book claimed that 3 former National Party ministers were key figures in this operation. The book states that three were involved in ferrying coloured minors to Bird Island Bay where the children were molested and “disposed of”. Police were halted in the investigation and evidence was “swept under the rug.” On August 13th, Mark was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head. It was ruled as a suicide.

Media tried to withdraw its articles but the truth was already out.



Port Alfred

33.5864° S, 26.8851° E

River Kowie

Port Alfred Aerodrome

33.5569° S, 26.8828° E


Beach bans in South Africa were common during the first and second wave.  Here we see a possible prison ship from US Naval logistics anchored off East London.

Bible Memory Verse

1 John 4:1

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to seewhether they are from God, because many false prophets havegone out into the world.

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